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Down the road at last

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Tomorrow will be 2 full weeks as fulltimers. We have not come far (less than 200 miles from home) but that's good. We are still finding things that need to be tweaked so just take our time & make the adjustments & repairs as they come along. We are finally settling into a comfortable routine & beginning to relax & enjoy our freedom.


Just wanted to say thanks for the wealth of actual useful information here. Hope to meet some of you on the road.



Jenny (with Gene the hubby & Chuie the border collie)

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Thanks for the update. I am excited for you as I well remember our first few steps on the road to adventure! Savor each new experience as the days will pass to weeks, months, and then to years so rapidly that you will look back and wonder where they went. :D

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Yeah, those dang bugs keep popping up but we think it will all settle down soon. Anyway, hubby loves messing with stuff. How many times can he re-organize his tools? We'll never know, I'm afraid, but it keeps him busy & out of my hair.


We have met several dogs named various versions of Chuy. But they all have similar quirky personalities & always friendly.


We are excited to see all the places we only know about from maps & other RVers travel stories.

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It is reported that there are 2,605,331 miles of paved roads in this country. At a hundred miles per week you should not run out of things to see for 501 years. And some of those roads are worth doing twice.


We have our 100 mile weeks all the time. Sometimes you just have to poke along and really enjoy where you're at and not worry about what's on up the road.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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