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Insuring Medical Equipment in the RV

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I am running into difficulty in insuring a piece of medical equipment that we carry in the RV with us. We carry a Hemo-Dialysis machine with us as we travel. We are fulltime and have that insurance. While trying to list the machine on the contents of the RV, companies are declining to cover it because I do not "own" the machine. How are some of the rest of you dealing with situation, or are you aware that if you are just using it via insurance company, but are the responsible party in case of an accident, that you are responsible and it may not be covered because you did not buy it and do not own it. Thanks in advance for your responses. Have a great day. Happy Trails Bert

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If you lease a car, you don't own it, but you certainly can, and in fact must, insure it.


What does your rental agreement for the equipment say? Sometimes the rental companies want to sell you insurance because it's a profit center to them. I'd look into that angle.


Enjoy your travels

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After contacting several insurance companies, I found 2 that would write up the machine under personal contents or list it seperately. I then reached out to the dialysis coordinating company to see what experience they have had with other insurances and they finally said that they are responsible for the machine. So I do not have to have a rider afterall for the machine. They did put this in writing also.


On another note, we may not have to carry the machine to much longer as she found a donor match this week. Thanks for your help and suggestions.


Travel safe Bert

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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