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Interior Remodel


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I have become an owner of a 2000 American Eagle class A 40' diesel pusher. It is sitting in ND at present. I would like to do (a minimum of) 3 things to the interior, and was wondering if anyone had any experience/info/recommendations as to whom to contact...


1) remove the all-in-one washer dryer

2) remove most of the WHITE carpeting and put in a laminate/vinyl floor

3) convert the present norcold to a residential refrigerator.

4) remove the TV's


Thanks for any suggestions!


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Welcome to the Escapee forums! We will do we are able to help out with your new projects.


1) It will make some difference in removal of the w/d depending upon what brand it happens to be. Most of them are not too bad in removal since some repairs require pulling one out. It is also probably sitting in a catch pan that may or may not have a drain attached to it.


2) Carpet removal and replacement isn't a lot different from in a stick house except for the location of the slides, if they extend over carpet. While I have not done so, there are members of these forums who have done just what you have in mind so I'll stand aside for some of them to address this with you.


3) Are you planning to just remove the TVs or will you replace them with flat screen models? I did the replacement in our motorhome but the removal part is probably pretty much the same. In ours the wood trim around each set had 4 buttons, one in each corner which were hiding the screws that kept the trim in place. Once that was removed, the mounting for the TV could be seen and accessed. In ours there was a wood bracket under the set that attached to the frame of the TV cabinet and there were screws which once removed allowed me to pull the TV set out. Above and behind each set was a 120V outlet that the set was plugged into. In order to mount the flat screen sets I then had to construct a new platform to attach the TV base to. The most difficult part of mine was figuring out how to access the mounting screws and what to do with the old TV sets.


I hope that some of this is helpful! :D

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Our Norcold died. Can anyone recommend someone to install a residential fridge (Samsung) in our Monaco? We're located in Santa Ynez, CA at the moment so something closer than Oregon would be nice.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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