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So took the mountain bike out on the desert for a short ride this afternoon :rolleyes:


Going down into a wash (not too fast) front wheel found a bit of deep sand and washed out.... resulting in a crash (could be where the name wash came from).


No big deal, a few scrapes, torn (old) shirt, bent glasses, and (I'm sure) less than a couple of quarts of blood soaking into the sand.... B)


So now Renee says I am too old for that.... and I should only ride the bike on paved surfaces... :o


WTH ..... WHERE did she come up with that??? :unsure:


Ever crashed on pavement? Makes sand, rocks, and cactus seem soft.... B)



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I'll be 72 in ten days and in the past 4 years I have gone OTB 3 times. Only one hurt; the one on pavement.


I was a roadie for many years but when I got back into bicycling a few years ago I learned quickly that times had changed and the places cars go is no place for a cyclist who wants to live to enjoy cycling. I do ride on pavement but I look for the back streets and the short cuts. Vacant lots and alleys are great for that.


My road bike mostly hangs on the rack with its tubular tires deflated. I love that bike but traffic is just too dangerous.



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In my defense, Dave (a) hasn't ridden his bike much in a few years...perhaps he got a little overly enthusiastic. And (B) I had no idea where he was riding & no idea he had gone out on the desert. Had he broken his ankle, leg, or head...not good. The "age" part factors in because he doesn't bounce as good as he used to, :wacko:



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That's just the kind of noises that wives (especially those that don't ride or participate in riskier physical activities themselves!) tend to make. I'm getting to within spittin' distance of 60 - and am still living in sticks and bricks as we prepare to retire and hit the road. I'm still playing ice hockey three nights a week (2 of which are in "18 and over" leagues with my two sons as defensive linemates). I grew up as a competitive bicyclist (won a national championship as a Junior on the road back in '73) - and after a long hiatus, got back on the bike last year to help better control my blood sugar. I managed to ride a total of 5,007 miles in 2014. Every time I come home from hockey with a grapefruit sized bruise ... or from a bike ride with a bright red patch of road rash - my wife starts in with the "you know you're getting too old to keep doing this!" noises.


As somebody who has never been attracted to physical challenges in the same way that I have - she just doesn't understand that it's my continued participation in these sorts of activities the keeps me from getting too old too fast. I've long since learned to shake my head in agreement with her ... then go pump up the tires or grab the sticks and head out for another ride or game.


All you can do is be smart about the risks you take. Ensure that your gear fits and is well maintained. Hedge your bets by always wearing activity appropriate protective gear (helmets, pads, etc.). Use technology that increases your safety (in my case - I use a Garmin GPS cycling computer that has a feature called "Livetrack". LiveTrack sends my wife an email that "invites" her to join me on my ride - complete with a link to a web page that shows my ride route and current location - in real time - so that if I don't come home on time - she knows right where to go look for me!). Stay within your physical limits - and don't put yourself in situations that are well beyond your skills and/or physical condition. Be smart about the risks you take - but by all means go for the gusto!!!!!

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