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Another endorsement for the RV Driving School!


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For those just getting on the road, or perhaps moving up to a larger rig, or even just for learning new tricks - a BIG YES to RV Driving School!


We've been RV'ing since 2004, and the DW was comfortable driving our 1st coach, a T28 Bounder. When we got the 40' DP with Tag, she was not comfortable. The pure size of it intimidated her.


The RV Driving School has many locations and many instructors, and I've read nothing but positive reviews on all of them.


But if you are ever in the same part of the Country as Dan Sheppard, I encourage scheduling a class with Dan. Not only is he a natural at making people feel comfortable, he has a very laid back attitude on handling people. The key thing to me, was Dan has a knack of communication that is easy to understand, clear on what he is trying to get across.


Dan also stresses safety, and that it all starts by the person sitting behind the wheel. And more importantly, the pre inspection before taking off. He stresses tire safety, and basic rig maintenance. (I'm sure some of this is for his own safety too:)! As who wants to be in a rig with tires over 10 years old on any roadway, let alone a highway.)


I've done the bulk of our RV driving in our T28 Bounder, and almost 99.5% of it in our DP. I picked up some great tips on not just driving, but on generic maintenance items too.


Dan is a gent, and enjoys sharing his knowledge with us mere mortals around him...


I recommend the RV Driving School to help newbies, and to polish any level drivers skill set.


Best to all, be safe, have fun,


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