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I have a 09 Freightliner M2-106 air brakes, cab, seats, rear suspension. Last weekend I took a trip to central Alabama to pu a 66 Chevy truck with the Freightshaker and my gooseneck trailer. 750 round trip. The weekend before I made the same trip with a 6.5x16 tag trailer only to find it wouldn't fit,bummer! On the first trip i had trouble with the air system. It would take a long time to charge up and unload. Then after awhile when it would unload it would keep leaking air until it reached 50 psi.

The compressor would kick in and slow down the pressure fall be a cruse rpm it couldn't keep up. It would do this 2-3 times then stop. Might go 50 to 100 miles same thing again.

I got home and changed the governor and the undoader, took the last trip and it acted the same but not as often. What am i missing? It charges up like it used to so I think governor was needing replacement. Cralled under the truck and when it's leaking it's out the bottom of the unloader.. I have the Bendix AD-IS dryer.

I'll post here first. If no responce i'll post on the HDT (dark)side. :-)

Thanks, Wayne Lee



2009 Freightliner M2-106 Crewcab

8.3 Cummins 330/1000- Allison 3000RDS

2003 Newmar MountainAire 39 SDTS

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