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Lazy Slide ?


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The large slide on our 2004 Bounder 38n is lazy coming in. Had to push it with 3 fellows yesterday :(


My house batteries are ok as are my chassis batteries.



Today. I'll go below and check voltage under load.


Would motor be bad in one direction?


I'm thinking a new motor is spendy, I need to test.

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When we had a TT the same problem developed. After digging all around and all over the place, I finally found a bad connection on the slide controller box. Used a nut driver to tighten all the connections on the box and it is still working today. (6+) years.

Good luck, good health and safe travels!

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While it is possible that the motor is developing a problem in one direction only, it is not probable. If you have a meter you can check across the motor when it is being extended to see what voltage is dropped across it and then do the same thing with it in retract mode and compare the two. If the voltage in retract is lower that is what your problem is so then you need to find where that voltage loss is. It could be a bad electrical connection (dirty or loose) or it could be a burned set of relay contacts. There are a few other possibilities but those are the most likely. If the problem is a relay, it should be possible to replace it.

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I'm not familiar with a Bounder slide but on some slides they move downward as they go out. That would put a greater load on the motor bringing the slide in (because they are rising as they retract) and cause an increase in current drain. The increased current drain would result in more voltage drop in the wire and also thru the switch and/or any relays in the circuit. I would also lubricate the slide hardware.

My street side slide drops as it goes out and I find that if I keep it well lubricate it comes in a lot easier.

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The following is discussion from The Discovery owners forumDiscovery slid probably same as Bounder.

"I replaced the slide-out motor in my 2002 several years ago. The slide-out either came in slowly and haltingly, or in some cases, would require someone pushing from the outside and/or parking on a slope. When I contacted the manufacturer of the system, Power Gear, they told me that Fleetwood had chosen the smaller of two motors to use on the slide-out, although Power Gear had recommended the larger motor, since the weight of the slid-out (37T) was at the extreme end of what the motor could handle, without adding any weight in the cabinets. I replaced it with the next sized motor, and have never had a problem again. It was clearly a case of Fleetwood trying to save money in the manufacture of the coach.

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I had a slideout issue, spine or keyway sheared. You need to be mindful of torque and speed. Also mounting pattern and the motors shaft diameter.

My smaller motors have 1/2" diameter shafts and the bigger ones have 5/8".

With a bigger motor you could shear pins and do other damage. I'd be inclined to turn down the setting on the slide controller to start with. The slide controller, in my case, is in the power panel area of the trailer.


Take pics of current motor, installation, wiring connections, serial #'s for documentation.

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