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We are looking for a message system that can be run on 3 or more TVs in out club house. It would be use to show activities, schedules, pictures and messages for our members. A message bar system would not be something we are looking for. I've tried google, but it keeps come back to message bars.


If you have seen such a system or know of some park what has this type of system, let me know their name or company.






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If you are just looking for something that will put text up on a TV screen something as simple as a used computer would do the job. Put your information into a slide presentation and let it run.


Getting from the computer to the TVs will depend on the inputs they have available and the quality of the picture you want/need. If you have HDMI connectors available this will work well:




A cheap, low power computer option would be the Raspberry Pi and Libre Office's Impress, presentation software.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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