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Maximum cable run for WiFi antenna cable


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I have our WiFi Ranger Go (GO2 has just shipped, and on it's way.) in a coach bedroom cabinet.


I'm having a Winegard Sensar IV installed, and want to move the WiFi Range Bullet and the new omni antenna, to the Sensar IV. Will attach it to the arms, so that I can get it up a bit higher when the Sensar is raised.


To avoid shadows on the solar panel, the Sensar is being installed up over the driver seat. I expect the cable will need to run from between 40-45'.


Is this a no go as far as that long of a cable run from the Bullet back down to the GO2? (I'd need to rebuild and wire a front cabinet 'command post' if that is too long...)




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Jack - I confess - I forgot it's Cat5!!!!


I've also been getting ready to move my roof cell phone antenna too, to allow more separation from when I have Gord's amp in place. That will now be about a 30', to again avoid shadows on the solar panels, and provide about 10' of separation from the amp cabinet. So had my mind on the antenna cable run!




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Thanks Jack - Fry's used to carry this, but like Radio Shack, their on the shelf stock has really been reduced. I can get a 30' run of it from Amazon if needed.


I used your WiFi Ranger 5% discount for my antenna purchase - should have just jumped on their special when the 8.5dBi first came out... Oh well. So I can buy the wife a small breakfast with savings... Got the 15% discount when I decided to upgrade from the Go to the Go2...


Excited for Gord. And sure hope I'm still on their waiting list for Maximum Signal's new amp.


I read your latest review on the Rouge Wave, thanks. (I suspect you enjoy doing these, but it does take time away from the day...)




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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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