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DARPA Video: Jet Space Launch Concept


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There is a lot of talk about the billion dollars plus that Google gave SpaceX's owner Elon Musk to launch small 250 pound satellites into orbit. They envision a swarm of under 250 pound satellites to provide fast and cheap Internet without the costs of wires for the last mile. Not to be outdone is DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Agency) is testing out a similar concept.




"The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has been trying to figure out how to make space launches of satellites cheaper. The spaceplane idea is one. The Airborne Launch Assist Space Access idea is another, related one.


The latest DARPA video demonstrates how they think it might work.


“We’ve made good progress so far toward ALASA’s ambitious goal of propelling 100-pound satellites into low Earth orbit (LEO) within 24 hours of call-up, all for less than $1 million per launch,” Bradford Tousley, director of DARPA’s Tactical Technology Office, said. “We’re moving ahead with rigorous testing of new technologies that we hope one day could enable revolutionary satellite launch systems that provide more affordable, routine and reliable access to space.”


The rest of the article and the two and a half minute video are here: http://blogs.rollcall.com/five-by-five/darpa-video-jet-space-launch-concept/?dcz=

I love watching those vertical climbs with a fighter.

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