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Electric Winch


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My ol gas chainsaw winch gave up the ghost today with an extremely loud pop, cough, and blew the piston out the side of the casing. Any suggestions on a decent 12v winch? I don't have a bumper mount. I'm looking for one that I can just tie off to similar to my old setup. The majority of the time I just use it to help clear blow downs from the road.

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The Harbor Freight tools "Badlands" winch seem to get good reviews on this site and many others that I frequent. One of the ag forums, just had this question as well and sure enough, Badlands from Harbor won out. Probably not much more weight, if any, than your old gas winch, but it can be stored for long periods without the gas going bad. When the time comes for me to buy a winch, it will likely be a Badlands.

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Thanks Deezl. That doesn't look too shabby. The price is certainly reasonable. About 20 pounds heavier than my gasser, but also 4k more pull and 65' of cable! Niceeeeee


In the other forums, what do folks do for an anchor for something like that? Just a steel plate with OD rings?

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There seems to be a lot of different designs. One guy said he uses the stake pockets on a flat bed to hold the winch. I dont know what kind of bed, but it must be heavy duty. Several seem to use a 2" hitch receiver. I used to have a receiver on the front and back of an old pickup I used when I would go buy 67' to 72' gm pickups to part them out. They were old fence row art, so I would buy them cheap, winch them on the trailer and part them out.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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