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Since you are shopping new it is somewhat less difficult to make comparisons than it would be if used, since all makes will be of pretty much the same condition. The Vacationer is a gas powered coach that rides on the Ford, F53 chassis with a GVWR of 22,000# which should be able to serve you well. The HR company has a long history but is part of a completely different company today that it was before the big Monaco Corp. bankruptcy. As a result the history issue is of less value. They have been traditionally of pretty good quality and have a reasonably good history. The chassis will be the same as any other gas coach that you may compare to, as long as you make sure that you also compare the GVWR rating and the wheelbase since the F53 has several of each and you can't assume that all coaches of the same length will be riding on the same one.


I would suggest that you use the Tiffin Allegro and the Newmar Canyon Star as coaches to compare to in terms of similar units. Be very careful to compare coaches that are configured in the same way or close to it as they all have a lot of different options. I personally favor the Allegro, but that can be at least partly personal.

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