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Is the Wilson (Now Boost) DT4G good for RV?


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I have the Wilson Sleek 4G and I put my Note 3 in the cradle set to tether with my bluetooth headset paired. All of that is in the bedroom (at the rear of the RV) with the outside antenna mounted on the roof rack at the back of the coach. So the range of the 4G is irrelevant. It's the range of the bluetooth and the tethering that counts.


And that depends upon the smart phone.



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The DT *may* work for some folks.. depending on how large of a rig you have and your needs.


The DT just isn't made or approved by the FCC for mobile use. The biggest practical issues with it are the needed antenna separation from interior and exterior, and most RVs but the largest can't achieve that without some extra shielding. Also, the DT requires manual adjusting with dials at every stop, and won't keep a connection while underway. And then there's the directional vs. omni antenna that comes with it, and 12v vs 110.


Here's our comparison guide between the Wilson models:

Wilson 4G Booster Comparisons – Sleek vs Mobile vs DT


- Cherie

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We installed the Wilson SOHO, in 2012. Exterior antenna is mounted in the rear on top.

The internal antenna is mounted above near the front of the rv.

40 ft rig. In 2012 the only option was 3g, but it has worked well. To get the distance I needed an extra 20 ft extension cable.

I don't see a problem even with a 30 ft rig. The distance required is 20 ft. You have to be creative.

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