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Keeping pets warm in winter and cool in summer


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Hello! I am completely new to this idea, am thinking about buying an RV and living in it full time. I have 3 cats and am wondering how I would keep them warm or cool while I'm away during the day at work. I would be renting space at a mobile home park, so I would have hookups. Would I use a generator or something to keep heat or a/c on while I'm away?

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...I would be renting space at a mobile home park, so I would have hookups. Would I use a generator or something to keep heat or a/c on while I'm away?..

Welcome to the Escapees Forum!!


If you do not plan on travelling, I would consider a Park Model or even a small single wide mobile home. These will have residential style appliances which are generally less expensive and less costly to repair than RV appliances such as the refrigerators that are designed to run on either electric or propane. They will also have typical household plumbing and toilets that will not require emptying holding tanks. They may also be better insulated than many RVs. Not all mobile home parks accept RVs and some only for short term stays so make sure the one(s) you are looking at do.


As stated by Rodger & Karen, if you have hookups, your air conditioner will run on the park electric. For heat, RVs generally have a propane furnace. Many RVers user electric space heaters when hooked to park electric to reduce the amount of propane used. Again, if you are not going to move, a Park Model or mobile home can use a residential air conditioner instead of the typical roof mounted RV units and depending on the location could use electric, gas or even oil for heat.


Again, Welcome to the Escapees Forum!!

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Thank you so much! I am also considering the mobile home angle, but I like the freedom an RV would allow me; I am somewhat of a gypsy and not sure I'm ready to settle down yet. Also not sure I could get a home loan for a mobile home, whereas I could potentially afford and RV outright.


Doing my due diligence and have lots of questions because it is just me and my cats.


Any advice on the top things I need to know or consider? I recently learned about dumping the sewage tank, how difficult is that for one person to do?

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You don't say where you are, but if you can make it to one of the Boot Camps, http://www.escapees.com/BootCamp/Default.aspx.


The above website hasn't been updated recently, but the next Boot Camp is in Livingston, TX plus there will be one before next year's Escapade to be held in Tucson, AZ. Keep an eye on the website for other locations.

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As winter is coming, I'll address heating. I do not think that an electric space heater is a good idea for RVs. They just can't get far enough from the walls if if they are on for hours. Of course with cats you have to get a tipover feature in any home, but what if they do tip it over, and the heat goes off, and then there is no heat. I have often left an electric blanket at a low setting when I've been away for a few hours. Mine will go for ten hours before shutting off. I put in pillows at the ends to make a tunnel and prop it open so she can get in and out easily. Many cats enjoy those cosy lined fabric boxes that keep the drafts off them, and these are available with electric heat or heat inserts. Down blankets are also warmth catching and three cats curled up in one would probably be most content most days--you do not say how cold your area gets.

The propane furnace with a thermostat will work well. My trailer has a vent under the dinette bed which makes for real comfortable sleeping. You could put a blanket next to each vent.

My kitchen counters get quite cold so I put a mat down for her feet so that she can look out the window. This is where I feed her and have her water also. My cat has no fur so I maybe think about keeping her warm more than others do.

Last summer I was unhooked in some serious heat. A couple of afternoons I turned off the fridge and put her on a towel on the bottom shelf. I had to catch drips with another towel when the defrosting started. An adequate solution, and very funny.

Cat love to travel as they are so curious. Muffin is always happy and excited when she sees me getting ready to roll. She is an avid birdwatcher and is always eager to add to her life list. Her intense focus shows me where to look and she also alerts me to coyotes, javelina, and other night animals. I hope that you will get a travel rig and make use of it for weekends and vacations. They are economical and add many flexible options to your life.

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When we had free electric we went with a small ceramic element electric heater about an eight inch cube that the cats couldn't tip over. With the fan forced heat it only needed about two feet of front clearance and an inch or so to the rear.


Others have gone with a low temp heater like the oil filled radiator looking ones and been very happy with them. Pretty tip proof and only need a few inches of clearance.

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