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Here's our new baby!

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That truck looks a lot like our line trucks we use at work to repair main breaks etc. I work for American Water.

Those service beds are nice!!

That truck should give you very good service.

The Airstream is a good one too, we have had 2 of those.


John kb0ou

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Nice truck, the photobucket solution works really well compared to the tiny space the forums offer. You can also go to photobucket, right click on an image and select view in new tab and post the link in the address bar (trim anything after the .jpg to make the forum happy) and then click the image tab here and paste it in. I did this for one of your photos.



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That's the sweetness right there - very close to my ideal towing rig, as I'm planning on FTing in a TT too. The only thing I would add is a rear loading ramp door for loading my motorbikes and generator. Needless to say I'm jealous. Congrats!



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We went with the 19.5 to lower the truck a little. Figured since I will not have a high ground clearance with the TT why have it with the truck. If you look close at the inside pictures you will see the custom built ramps that attach to the body so I can push my BIG tool box inside of it. Can also use them for bikes or anything else that will work. It is great when trying to turn it around with the 55 degree turning radius.I think I have more storage in this than our house At 350 hp and 1000 lbs of torque should not have any problems.

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Just an update.


Bessie has been to a couple of Airstream rallies and Overland Expo East. She, and we, had a great time. She is a good temporary camper. Plenty of room inside for us. :)


Her next major trip will be to Super RV Show in Tampa in January. We hope she will get to tow an Airstream home behind her. Then we can get the AS loaded with the few things we are keeping (won't be able to name the AS until we get to know it), get the house on the market and be on the road sometime next spring. Yay!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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