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  1. Likely as previously thought, only if you have some sort of physical mail receiving address in the relatively narrow band of southern Canada / northern USA (I think I read 44 to 52 deg lat.). While there are reports of at least some in TX being offered service, it does not mean it is really "open" yet. Maybe some with an address in SD, depending on the location...
  2. Class seat has only the two front seats meeting federal standards. The back belts do not have to meet any rules...
  3. I was the one who was able to educate the 11. Search for probation person (son). Homeowner (dad) refused to allow entry, struggled, and was arrested for defending himself and his privacy. The testimony of a Sgt. was the key. He admitted the son, while having given the address on earlier forms, was known to not be a current resident. This meant, under the law, there was no right to search. Not guilty eventually, after the other 11 realized the police are not always correct. While I happened to know the rule, the 11 were convinced by reading back and discussing how the Sgt knew the s
  4. Have it. Like it. Only concern is I happened to be wanting to clean the filter one day while it was running. Took the screws off, and can feel the intake air sucking and holding the cover up. Hints at some air restriction, but for me, the lesser sound is most important. For me, it has been on near a year. 5db (using phone app) better, which in a small rv, is a huge deal. We can actually talk and hear while under the AC.
  5. Yep, a good reminder why I stopped posting. While you may disagree, other have reasons for keeping cool, maybe even medical needs. Signing out until I forget unproductive, and maybe written as nastygram or just smart Alec replies
  6. Gasser for me... although rare these days, could vapor lock while sitting off, and restart tried before cooling off, if the conditions are right. If the staff would like me to shut down, I would ask they allow me to park and hook up, then I will come back for paperwork. They likely already have collected the first night as a deposit. A electric rad fan is on my to-do list, not only for efficiency, but for better idle cooling.
  7. 24 ft class c. Engine heat radiates in cab, although we have added insulation which helps. 3 greyhounds, 3 humans, one AC. One human is of the age where hot and cold comes in "flashes". The few cents of fuel we burn is nothing compared to having overheated occupants. Because of where we live, when we go east during anytime other than winter, we have at least one overnight in high temps.
  8. If needed, mu gen goes on at least 30 min before arrival, and goes off 15 to 30 after plug in (assuming hookups). Need to get and keep the inside cool, without having the engine heat overwhelm the AC. If really hot, the engine may also be running so the engine ac to help. This includes/covers the check in lane, as sometimes check in can take awhilem We almost always arrive before dark. No complaints so far, including no gen at all locations. Same of the power goes out or is low voltage (which autoformer cannot handle), if needed, gen is used with no complaints so far, even if no gen
  9. I call it a tall queen because the pads for the storage cubbies can be used for pillows adding another 12 in or so.. Nice space for certain. Handy as the two main beds are the same size for sheets.
  10. Our 2250 has a queen over cab (Ford)... Maybe yours does too?
  11. The alternative is less than optional, LOL. I have had to grow up and plan for my demise...
  12. Dp26

    Fuel spill insurance

    Pd is property damage (during accident).
  13. Dp26

    Fuel spill insurance

    No experience, but it looks like PL/PD is the coverage.
  14. Gord for me... Separation resolves any red light issues. Vertically counts too, and resolves any out of perfect alignment of the two antenna. While mobile, I will lower the inside antenna to get best boost. When stationary, I switch to a marine antenna on a flag pole, which resolves separation, and improves range to tower. The booster does adjust power to try to keep working when separation is iffy, so when in fair signal areas (less boost needed), separation is not a big deal. When max boost is needed, max separation is needed too. I proved this by accident. When in a very marginal
  15. Velvac mirror explosion. Drivers side. 2k miles from home, nowhere near any sort of hardware store. Drill and bolt robbed from elsewhere got it workable to get home
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