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  1. I have investigated nearly all the recommendations found in this thread CAT does discourages the use of their scales for 4-corner weighing I did extensive Google searches for "Truck Scales" I finally discovered the secret Try searching for "Scale Rentals" To be exact try "Axle Scale Rentals" You might also try "Scale Calibration" You will be surprised -- I found a place 2 miles from my home
  2. Dynamax made quite a variety of very nice Truck Conversions with the M-2 chassis under the "DynaQuest" name. But they are relatively rare and tend to be snapped up once they hit the market. Dynamax is now owned by Forest River.
  3. On my 2008 DynaQuest 360XL, the only way I can find to access the Fresh Water Tank is through the shore water hose which is on a hose reel. To introduce a sanitizing solution into the fresh water tank, I use a small brass "siphon mixer" (invented to siphon and dilute fertilizer/herbicide concentrate through a water hose). The dilution rate is 1 gallon of sanitizing solution to16 gallons of water. It also sanitizes the shore water hose. "
  4. Occasionally have difficulty plugging and unplugging 50amp male from various female adapters/sockets. Most suggestions involve the application of brute strength, repeatedly plugging and unplugging the connection. Recently discovered a supposedly dielectric dry lubricant called "Strike Hold" http://strikehold.com/strike-hold-cdlp/ Does anyone have experience with this product -- or -- any suggestions on how to overcome this problem?
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