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  1. Welcome Dianne-n-Bob. We just finished RV Driving School and are currently at Hershey Thousand Trails in Lebanon, PA.
  2. A little late posting, but we are now living full time in our coach, 2018 Entegra Aspire 44b. We picked the coach up on Tuesday and have been camping near the dealer for the shakedown cruise. We finished unpacking yesterday so now it’s time to sit back and enjoy.
  3. Welcome HaulingKermit. In 4 days we will be joining you on the road. Starting off in Albany NY where our coach is in storage.
  4. Down to two weeks. We are finishing up the final packing and next week will be loading up the pod to ship everything up to Albany NY where we will take delivery of our coach. Next week is booked with retirement lunches and dinners.
  5. Wow, Marie thank you for sharing. We are down to counting days. We take delivery of our coach on July 7th. I trust you will have a less eventful second half of your first year. We are starting out with driving school then on to a fall colors tour in New England. Safe travels, and maybe we will meet you sometime. Look for a 2018 Entegra Aspire pulling a white Jeep Cherokee.
  6. Joe and Darlene, So jealous, we have 91 days to go before we can join you on the road. Just have a few more things to wrap up before the big day. I’ve got to get the base plate and braking system installed on the Cherokee in the next week or so. Hope we see you in your travels.
  7. Getting closer. Purchased a Jeep Cherokee Limited, ordered tow bar, base plate, and breaking system. We are going to see the coach at the dealer this next weekend.
  8. Welcome to the class of 2018. We chose Escapees mail service and domicile in Florida. Maybe we will meet up sometime in our travels. We pick up our coach the first weeek in July then head for a fall colors tour in New England. After that we will head to Florida for Christmas at Disney World. After that, who knows.
  9. We don’t actually pick up our coach until July. The dealer is storing it for us until then. We go up to Albany, NY the end of March to see it for the first time.
  10. Exciting news! The coach we had on order arrived at the dealer today.
  11. Welcome Vince and Louise. I’m glad you’re joining the class of 2018. We went with Escapees mail service so our residence address is in Florida but out mailing address is in Livingston Texas. We will be hitting the road in July too
  12. Welcome Ridgekid. Glad to have you join the class of 2018. Like you, our winter project is to clean out the house. We’re waiting until after Christmas to really do this in earnest.
  13. Katblondie, Welcome to the class of 2018. My wife and I just did the Florida thing. It sounds like we are doing much the same things, going through closets etc. We currently live in Virginia but we have a nice set of china sitting in a storage unit in California that we will have to deal with at Christmas when we are there. So far we haven’t found anyone interested in buying them, so it looks like they will end up a donation.
  14. Another update. We have now established our Escapees Florida address and made a trip down to Bushnell and got our Florida drivers licenses. Yesterday we were at the Hershey RV show and put the final touches on the order for our Entegra Aspire 44B motorhome. We got a great deal from RV One and will take delivery in July from their Orlando location when I retire. I also should add that the Thousand Trails Membership is finalized and we have booked our first adventure which is a Fall Colors Tour in New England.
  15. I guess it's time for an update. We are now just exactly a year away from retirement and hitting the road. We have settled on what coach we want to buy. The first week of June we went on a factory tour and watched them build a coach like the one we want. Then, towards the end of June we took one for a test drive. That really settled it in our minds so there is no more debating. We are also in the midst of purchasing a Thousands Trails Elite Membership. I think we got a great deal on the membership so we are very pleased with that. It should fit our needs very well. We have also started collecting some of the items we want for the coach. And of course, we will now start weeding stuff out and disposing of stuff we won't take with us.
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