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  1. Lots of great feedback / ideas to consider. Super grateful that so many of you have weighed in with broad and thoughtful perspectives. I’ll be off the grid for a few weeks. Can’t wait to meet many of you in Idaho next month. Hope others find this topic as helpful as I did. Looking forward to more posts on return.
  2. Thanks to all of you for so much good feedback. Lots of great stories and perspectives. In terms of reliability, sounds like HDT and LGT are like most vehicles. Spend enough up front so you don’t get more “project” than you can handle, keep up on preventative maintenance, fix stuff early, and you won’t get stranded very often, ....but poo still happens. Is that about right?
  3. Thanks for replies so far. I suspected that the DIY posts are for the “tinkerers” who enjoy sharing. Looking to fly into WCR in Idaho next month for weekend to learn more. So far, my impression is no more surprise / unanticipated service than an F350 or MDT, but please keep the input coming, especially if you see it differently. Rich
  4. I’m a few years from retirement so want to dip a toe in the MDT/HDT space for safely moving our TT out West. If we love using it for long weekend and occasional summer week long trips(<2,000 miles/year), we may upgrade to nicer truck and rv for long trips in retirement. Tractor would need to be stored offsite with RV when not in use. I’m not mechanically inclined. I see lots of posts on folks repairing / replacing parts on this forum. I saw a post from a young FT couple (?on FB?) who gave up on the HDT after being stranded one too many times. I am happy to pay skilled mechanics for scheduled service / PM on vehicles, but do NOT want a truck project. I want to move the rv safely and reliably. Considering the low miles anticipated, compared to a LGT, are used HDTs ‘reliable?’ Assuming I don’t choose a lemon, on average, will it get us up and down the mountains from point A to point B 99 out of 100 times (or only 9 out of 10 times) without toolboxes or service folks involved? I admire the collective experience / wisdom here. Thank you. Rich
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