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  1. If you or a family member are retired or honorably discharged military, USAA Federal Savings Bank is excellent. Everything is on-line. You can use any ATM in the U.S. and USAA will refund the ATM fees. I've been with them or years and have never had a problem - direct deposit, BillPay - even have my truck financed with them. Rob
  2. You might want to check on what it will cost to transfer your vehicle registration to Georgia. They have recently changed the tax structure for motor vehicles (and not for the better). Annual registration, once you've transferred titles, is better now, though. Having lived in Georgia for 25 years (and still live just across the river from Augusta), it's an otherwise good place to anchor. They do not, as far as I know, allow for mail forwarding services with physical addresses (verify that - I'm not certain). We plan on domiciling in Texas when we go full-time (hopefully later this year).
  3. RUN!!! But report them to RVTrader, PayPal and the FBI first.
  4. I'll have to second Earl's comments on comfort and claustrophobia - he makes many good points. Our Surveryor Sport 220 is just slightly longer than the Elite II you're considering, but has a slide with the dinette in it. Even with a slide and a large outside awning, things can feel very tight during a multi-day rainy stretch. We also don't have to convert the seating/dining area for sleeping, either. Earls comments on the comfort of the seating are very important. It seems (from your handle) that we may have been born the same year, but I hope your back is in better shape than mine. The flat foam cushions are not suiting for more than an hour or so of sitting. We usually "retire" to the bed with extra pillows for reading, etc. Other things to consider are the so-called "wet bath" in the Elite II. This means that the toilet and the lavatory are essentially in the shower stall, so get wet when you shower. I didn't look long enough on the web site to find the tank capacities, but fresh and grey water capacities are usually the limiting factors for boon-docking. The configuration of the underbelly and plumbing are also important for four season use... are the water lines protected from freezing? These fiberglass trailers have much in common with smaller fiberglass sailboats and yachts with which I've been involved for 40 years. They have many good characteristics, but "breathing" (air exchange) and condensation can be an issue. In cooler or more humid climates, you may need to take measures to avoid condensation the the resulting mold and mildew. All of these are reasons we will be switching to a fifth wheel (with real furniture, larger tank capacities, better insulation, and a heated underbelly, as we move toward full-timing later this year. Good luck on your adventure! Rob
  5. Here's something I wrote up on the Silverado/Sierra forum a while back to explain how to go about the calculations (don't equate the ratings for my truck with your's - you need to get your's off the door sticker - this is just an example). This should mesh with the good advice from Kirk and others on this forum. GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating - truck plus all cargo; 10,000# for my truck) GCWR (gross combined weight rating - truck + trailer and all cargo; 24,500# for my truck) GAWR FRT (gross axle weight rating, front... not so important here, but 5,200 for my truck) GAWR RR (gross axle weight rating, rear; 6,200 for my truck) Tire max load ratings; 6,390 for my SRW load range E rear tires The next thing is to load the stuff (and people) in your truck that you would normally haul camping (make sure you have a full tank of fuel, hitch mounted or the weight of it known) and head for the nearest CAT scales. Get separate front and rear axle weights with everyone in the truck. Subtract the total weight of the truck from the GCWR and you have your max towing capacity. Subtract the actual rear axle weight from the GAWR RR and you have the amount you have left over for payload/pin weight weight. Make sure nothing exceeds the max load rating for the tires, either. The final numbers for my truck are: actual weight - 7,520; actual rear axle weight - 3,080. That leaves me 3,120 on the rear axle (and 3,310 for the tires). Subtracting the actual weight of the truck from the rated GCWR leaves me 16,980. Since fifth wheels typically run about 20% of the weight on the pin loaded, I'm going to be limited by the pin weight, rather than the gross weight on the whole trailer. Going through this process will tell you what the frame, suspension, cooling systems and brakes will safely handle - but it doesn't tell you how much fun the rig will be to drive in the mountains/on steeper grades or with a significant head wind. These are all functions of the engine and transmission combination. The LAST thing you want is to have the tail wag the dog or not be able to stop in an emergency situation or going down a steep grade. Also, depending on the state, you can get an expensive ticket for towing over the manufacturer's rated limits for the truck. However, the horror stories I've read about this on the RV forums seemed to mostly be in the Northeast. Better to err on the side of caution. As my first flying instructor used to say (early 70s), "There are old pilots and there are bold pilots - but there are no old, bold pilots... I hope this helps.
  6. Bigboomer, I was born and raised in Las Cruces but have been gone a long time... and the Feds just snatched up much of the really good remaining land near and around the Organ Mountains east of Las Cruces. Here's a link to the NM BLM's site for with links for the various recreational areas: http://www.blm.gov/nm/st/en/prog/recreation.html Rob
  7. I agree with NadaThing on Zero Gravity... but I can sometimes stay upright and awake if I have a good book on my Kindle.
  8. Not to play the devil's advocate, but La-Z-Boy isn't for everyone. I have three bulging discs in my lower back and went through a string (probably four) of La-Z-Boy recliners... every one made my back hurt. I finally found an Ekornes Stressless recliner and have been comfortable (read "happy") ever since. My main complaint about the La-Z-Boy recliners is what seems to me to be a universal lack of proper lumbar support (and keeping my head tipped too far forward in most positions).
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