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  1. Massachusetts is a long ways from Grand Staircase Escalante. My opinion is that free market forces will dictate what individuals think they should do. I am only an observer of what they actually do. I don't think Massachusetts is getting ahead of itself regarding daily drivers. The need for competent off-road vehicles will be met regardless of Massachusetts law requires. Agreed, electric vehicles are not ready to fully replace all fossil fuel powered vehicles. But that time is coming.
  2. I think it is okay to generalize because as a great majority, everyone in the general populace does use their time and vehicle the same way. If you spotlight the very few in the full time community, it will be different. A few may drive 200-300 miles a day once in a while - but every day? How does one choose a vehicle when it's long range (200+ miles a day) is infrequent? I'm afraid it's why we see people driving daily drivers that are HUGE vehicles because they need it to tow a boat or trailer once or twice a year. Anyway, I lost track of the topic. . . .carry on . . .🙂
  3. When you talk about 500 to 700 miles trips - that's the exception - not the norm. Commuters, shoppers, weekenders are the bulk of personal travel - day in, day out. Get up in the morning, breakfast, unplug the car and go to work. No charging station needed.
  4. Charging stations will be at home. The car sits overnight in your garage (if you have one) and is plugged in for charging. That eliminates the need for public chargers. Car that are parked on the street or driveways? We might see an upsurge in extension cord purchases. There is a tremendous resource of electric power on the grid during the night. I don't expect to see a big demand for public power once the electric vehicle becomes more common.
  5. I found this on the BBC .com webpage and found it historically interesting. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20210107-the-432-year-old-manual-on-social-distancing
  6. "Hydrogen embrittlement" of steel has long been a problem. I know little about that - but, I read a recent article that claimed the embrittlement problem has been solved. If so, perhaps it will make a difference?
  7. The campground bathroom at Capitol Reef National Park was/is a typical 1950's camp bathroom - room for two toilets, painted a hundred times, metal mirrors cracked concrete and many stains. A national disgrace. Hopefully, this sort of worn out dilapidation will be attended to.
  8. Your wish was granted just last November when the Dept. of Interior released more information on the largest ever restoration bill ever signed. DOI historic deferred maintenance news release There were other news releases from different government agencies regarding this event. And yes, the Trump administration was responsible - which is why there was no media coverage of the event - but none-the-less. . .
  9. I'm in the middle of "The Spy and the Traitor" and have in-waiting the new books from Michael Connoly (Bosh) and Lee Child (Jack Reacher) novels. Plus the Kamala Harris book "The Truths We Hold" also in the wings. (I download to a Kindle) Best book of 2020 was "These Truths" by Jill Lepore.
  10. I recently started looking for a new pair of binoculars - hoping that I could see the rings of Saturn (can't). A very active forum for joining and asking question regarding telescopes or binoculars is: https://www.cloudynights.com/index Very helpful and knowledgeable folks there.
  11. It was on NPR radio's "Car Talk" with "Click & Clack the Tappet Brothers" that they mentioned station re-fueling contamination. (My memory only takes a day or two to kick in.) Their claim was that the delivery tanker trucks fuel tanks are as dirty as any private vehicle fuel tank. Which is why when a fuel tanker delivers fuel to a station, there can be more debris in solution than normal. Tom & Ray Magliozzi seemed like pretty smart guys with a lot of experience and their own Car Talk radio show on NPR.
  12. I've read somewhere (or heard, maybe "The Car Show" brothers Click & Clack) that when fuel stations are refueled, the incoming fuel stirs up the tank and any debris in the tank can be stirred up into solution - and if you happen to be pumping at that time - well, it goes into your tank. And yes, when I see that big re-supply tanker truck filling the station, I avoid refilling.
  13. That area will probably be developed in the near future. Taiwan Semiconductor just purchased a huge chunk of land on the southside of that area: Source: https://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/news/2020/12/09/taiwan-semiconductor-buys-north-phoenix-land.html?fbclid=IwAR2UZqICvLTM_gHsY27Jj39gRri7d7YoQC_fKbox5YFy_MWiJatWg1gLtgk
  14. FPV drones (First Person View): Using cell phone technology - with this type of drone you plug your cell phone into the controller to see where "you're" going. This may be a way around the rules governing radio transmission - otherwise, we'd all need a permit to operate a cell phone.
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