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  1. We're making our annual northbound trip in a few days and leaving our small home in Phoenix. In years past, we've emptied the fridge, saran-wrapped the toilets, sealed the drain traps and turned off the air before departure. About the only damage were some melted candles one year. But is this an okay process? Does anyone else leave a home behind in the desert heat and what do you do about cooling it while gone?
  2. I always warn people away from truck campers (I've owned four and two trucks). You're better off getting something like a Class C and possibly towing a small vehicle. Or a truck and trailer combination. Unless you really need a truck for hauling or towing, I can't recommend it for you.
  3. This. We stayed there about five years ago - very close and convenient - good to know that the spot is still available. The forest boondock location is on the left side of the road as one approaches the park entrance. The only thing was that the road is dirt and was extremely dusty. Best of experiences on your journey.
  4. The Grand Canyon is stunning the moment one walks up to the edge and the dawning of understanding on just how huge it is, is unforgettable. You'll want to return.
  5. One last thought regarding "fission" is "what happens on the international front if countries such as Iran continue to work on uranium enrichment when "fusion" power is achieved?" (The question is purely rhetorical.)
  6. While understandable, this is a typical standard response. The data shows otherwise.
  7. Fission will probably be obsolete before it becomes a backyard power plant. Billionaires Jeff Bezos and Tobia Lutke recently committed large sums to General Fusion with plans to bring fusion online within four years: General Fusion And American MIT spin-off Commonwealth Fusion Systems plans a ". . . full-scale magnet demonstration is set to take place in June 2021." : Commonwealth Fusion Systems (also with billionaire backing Bill Gates) TAE Technologies see commercial power production by end of this decade: TAE Technologies Dozens of companies are in pursuit of fusion: htt
  8. Darwin's Law rules. The tribe will go forward while the outliers eventually suffer the consequences of their inadequacies.
  9. This is an astute observation. Virology is at a point where the internet was 20 years ago. Scientists are able to dismantle a virus's construction and using AI technology they can rapidly deploy countermeasures. We ain't seen nothin' yet.
  10. "I got the flu shot and still got the flu" she said. It happens. And it is expected. . . .understand?
  11. I think Yellow Fever and Plague vaccines were on my last card - back in the military on a yellow card - they were required for travel in SE Asia.
  12. I think that I can confirm this. My new (at the time) F350 diesel pickup factory batteries lasted only three years before failing to crank the engine. I bought a new pair of lead acid Interstate batteries at Costco - they had a three year warranty. Last week I noticed the date on the Costco batteries - 3/18 (March 2018) And one battery had evidence of acid weeping and corrosion starting. The truck still started with the batteries. Not wanting to get stuck somewhere, I pulled out both batteries and took them down to Costco to purchase new replacements. The guy on the battery des
  13. I carry an AutoSock which fortunately, I've never had to use. Lightweight and compact, any traveler can carry one. Similarly, I also carry a tire plug kit - small light weight and just-in-case.
  14. In a pinch, the outside shower can be used to put hot water into the fresh water tank. Short term, emergency use only.
  15. We're snowbird wanna' be full timers. So every year we file a change of address going south, then a cancellation of the change-of-address going north. Mail has always been forwarded to us at the southern address. This year something different happened. At the gas station one of our credit cards didn't work. Later, I found that it did work if I entered my current southern zip code. AND, we started receiving statements directly to our southern address - no yellow forwarding label on the mail. SOME pieces of mail had the yellow forward sticker, others not and were sent direct -
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