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  1. Take a look at Mamoth truck camper from Host , it’s a one ton Dually unit.but it has everything you asked for.
  2. Holy smokes Kirk, I haven’t even served you one of my fresh ground pour over coffees, and you’ve helped me out a half dozen times. I’ll say this here for the whole forum to hear......knowing you Kirk is like going to collage..... thanks again.
  3. If you know anyplace to get information that would be great. Just wondering if it would be possible to get there buy a caravan use it for a year and sell it. I’m just daydreaming out loud.
  4. I was just wondering out loud to myself if downsizing and getting rid of all your stuff is the worst job of all when it comes to fulltiming. Just went thru another yard sale, knees are throbbing back is broken......and as I clean up some fool pulls up looks at my garbage cans in the street and says are you throwing this stuff out...........for the first time in many years I screamed, I did wait till I got in the house.im not sure if that muffled it enough,cause he drove off....
  5. Well, I’m not saying I have champagne taste with a beer pocket as the saying goes....but I like to buy once cry once. Which means I like to purchase the best available quality available.in this case we are talking about DPers and 5 th wheels. so if I have my facts correct do far New Horzons is the top of the pack in 5 th wheel manufacturing. At 300, 000 or more a unit it be more than I felt comfortable spending. next in line is a DRV. At ? $150,000 a unit perhaps good quality? I can’t find fault with them so far. Next down is the Montanas and Alpines and that crowd . Good quali
  6. I guess I was unnecessarily defending my choice. I did not want to offend class A DPers.
  7. I thought I would jump back in and add a couple of thoughts. After reading all threads and kind words, I’m leaning,just leaning mind you towards a smaller DRV Ellite suites. For several reasons. I have another thread about full body paint (yea or no) 100%yes by the way. DRV comes full paint ,fiberglass room,skirts. I plan on parking for longer periods than bouncing around,perhaps by the season. I know this may not make any sense to many of you but a diesel pusher looks very complicated to me ,all the systems tied in with household living is daunting to me . If there was a sys
  8. Now I’m just asking as a green horn, so please don’t flame me, when I was doing a cross country tour a while back I was crossing the street in Hot Springs Ark.and saw a guy with the same truck as me. But it was a mirror finish .....perfect.....so I wander over says hi, I got the same truck what’s your secret. He laughed cause there black trucks . if you never owned one..... anyway he says the secret is I just Got it painted......I’m like wow nice job,but $10,000 is too “spendy “ for me. he laughed and said he had it done in Mexico for $4000. So being road road warriors
  9. I like that idea, someone recently shared a couple of links to RV journeys with me. I’m sure you have seen them. The first was to spend a entire year in 72 degree weather. it has a journey planned out for you to travel fir 12 months and stay comfortable. There are 12 moves involved I think. The second involved following a trail that visits all national parks on the main land US.both sound pretty cool to me.
  10. RVnotyet, If you have other choices to look at give them a second glance, those are small size tanks. However I do not know what kind of camping you’ll be doing. For me I would want the biggest capacity available, just a thought have you looked at truck campers.i have had one since 1999 and capacity is good on holding tanks and fresh water too. I know I can last a week on the soft sand beach taking it easy on showers. you can take the camper off and have a truck or have a camper on and pull a trailer. Lots of versatility and pretty good mileage if you get the right set up too.
  11. I would say from years of beach camping that 4x4 is mandatory. Lower the air pressure in your trailer too.
  12. Great information,thank you,I might have posted that after my accident I was in a wheelchair for a while,I really was bummed out. I should say I was really depressed. but it took a while and things fell into place I ended up helping all the older widows in my general neighborhood.,handyman,and the like. well it is very satisfiing as they all worry about me if I disappear for a couple of days. I’m sure I’ll find something to do if not I’ll do crosswords or read or ride a bike or cook or relax..........I’m just going thru the “prewedding” jitters lol
  13. I did not read all these threads but try Meyers superstore they are south of Syracuse. I know the service manager,if you need his phone number PM me I just don’t want to publish it.
  14. Thanks very sound advice, in our case I mentioned that our property taxes are $14,000 and the house is way. ,way to big for us. The grandkids have all grown into independence and adolescents. They are so busy with sports ,school and friends that there is no time for us. On holidays when they come over for a couple of hours they don’t talk much anyway. oh and they live 1.5 miles away. We both said it’s time to go when the grandkids don’t need us any longer,. That time has come. I was seriously hurt several years ago in a accident and the cold weather kills me,as does my wife. So I’m pining
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