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  1. Thanks, two batteries and a small generator may actually work, do you agree with me that with these little rvs even the size of your generator (or even having one) is something to think about? Still hoping to find one, even if I have to empty my pockets to make weight...
  2. Thanks! This does look very interesting. At the risk of being banned from this site, I do have to admit that I'm taken by the idea of finding a Toyota based class C, made only before about 1991(can you say OLD). Maybe the lack of power these have is the reason many of them did not have a generator, even that amount of extra weight may have been a real issue.
  3. So to combine these two great ideas, use the traction devices on the back, and airplane type tires on the front. Seriously, I wonder what type of tires you could get for the front that would float higher on the sand? This has given me hope that deflating your tires a lot may not be necessary-
  4. Does anyone know of something that can be put on the tires, sort of the way you put on tire chains, which gives them more traction? And what is Marsden Matting anyway?
  5. I think you won, according to the young people in my family, the RV toilet should flush at least that many times before stuff comes up into the shower. In fact they would probably get a kick out of that, so long as they didn't have to do the cleanup...
  6. It's probably asking too much, but I'm wondering if anyone makes a cassette toilet which can also work with your black water tank system (so you could do this either way depending on where you are going), thanks everyone for the great information. If anyone has recommendations on brands of toilets, casssette or other, that would be great, or do you need to stick with the make of toilet that the RV maker uses? TX-
  7. I hope I picked the right place for this, the local beach near my niece allows rv parking, but requires that you lower the tire pressure, I think to about 15lbs., before they let you on the beach. Is this safe for the tires, even for an overnight, in the sand? Is there anything that can be used for more traction/less beach disruption, besides letting out the air? Thanks-
  8. Hello Kirk, thanks, the grey water tank for this little Class C is 18 gallons, Black water is 9 and fresh water is 21.
  9. I never thought I could get this much information on this, and honestly never thought it would be so interesting (I may need to get out more), but seriously, this is very helpful, I', realizing that there are lots of ways to handle this, so it won't automatically limit the Class C I get. Please continue with this thread if you have any additional thoughts, tx..
  10. P.S., hello Kirk, I would really like to hear your reasons that you prefer a tank to a cassette, I think it would help me to figure all of this out-
  11. Thanks everyone, and please send any more thoughts on this, I thought it would be a complex issue, and I'm sure the down side of a problem here can be pretty bad. Showing my great ignorance, what is a vault toilet? Tx-
  12. I hope this doesn't sound like a weird question (even though I'm older I'm not preoccupied with bathroom things, really). I'm looking into a SMALL class C, a Toyota, with a 9 (that's right, 9) gallon black water tank. Is there any way to estimate how many actual flushes I can put into a 9 gallon tank? Thanks-
  13. I contacted my local social security office, they gave me deadlines, how to get a medicare card, and what my monthly amount would be. Medicare will be your primary insurance, any other insurance you already have will pick up (almost) anything Medicare doesen't cover. Best of luck...
  14. I never thought of this, in a parking lot I shouldn't have to worry about disturbing anybody with the generator, and I'd rather be in the RV than sitting in the laundromat-
  15. Thanks everyone for the great information. I'll look first for the RV which does what I want, and if it doesn't have a generator already I may (and may not) get one, either way I'll know what I'm getting into. This is a really helpful site-
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