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IH 4700 Air Dump

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I have a 1999 International 4700 Stalick conversion.  The air dump button on the dash only releases air when the truck is off.  I've only seen one other Stalick truck and the owner said his was the same but had it changed so you could air down while the truck is running.  I understand there could be a safety issue but it seems to make sense that you could air down while backing under the trailer.  Would anyone be able to guide me to where to start to make this a live button.

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I have a 1st gen Volvo that I can air down when the truck is running and yes I've used this to get under the trailer when it was lower. It actually saved me recently when I bent a jack and had to air down to get under the trailer. Also unlike the 2nd gen volvo's it stays aired down when you shut the truck off which I really like.

I would imagine on the IH, it's wired in such a way with a relay that the switch doesn't get power until the truck is off. So maybe the relay is "off" when powered but when it's not you can then activate the switch. 

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