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Need Ideas for Embroidery Floss

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I know we are a creative bunch of people and need a solution for my embroidery floss. We are getting ready to go full-time. We have been long-time for many years. In our new MH the upper cabinets are not tall enough to store the drawers I use for my embroidery floss. I keep all my floss in baggies and have all 400+ colors. I am thinking about punching holes in the corners of the bags and putting them on a ring and then into plastic boxes that fit into the MH. Not thrilled with the solution and was wondering if anyone had a better solution. I want to keep the threads in bags, no bobbins or anything along those lines.


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I am a bobbin girl myself, so I don't know of any bagged solutions. Can you get different sized drawers or boxes so that you can keep your current system intact? Not knowing what size bags/drawers you use or the size of your cabinets it is difficult to suggest options.

I did a Google search on "embroidery floss storage" and saw some ideas that might work for you. Hit the "image" filter below the search box and you will see images rather than just words in your search results. Pinterest had some good results also. 

I have tatting, crochet, machine embroidery, and cross-stitch supplies in our RV (and I almost brought my quilting supplies from my mother-in-law's attic this year!). I would love to have it all perfectly organized and easy to access, but that won't happen while we are living in an RV. I've come up with a system that mostly works for me. I am sure you will too. So much fiber - so little space!

Good luck with this and let us know how you worked it out! ~Susan

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I have been looking for better size boxes. I carry around one of my bags to try them out. Most just have too much dead space so are inefficient.  I'll keep hunting. At this point, I am still leaning to the hole in the bag and a ring. I don't like the rings as I have found they can open up. I did see on Amazon something a bit different than the rings. A short cable where both ends screw together. But I am not sure that won't unscrew from vibration. I don't want to put locktite on it since I pull all my threads for a project. Well, I have a couple of months before I need a solution.

Thanks for the input.


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I am posting this for anyone else who asks this question. I have decided to punch holes in all my bags and get this


to hang the bags on. I have tried rings in the past and found they have a tendency to open up.

Then I found a smallish duffle bag, with pockets on 3 sides. I am going to put the threads in the main part and all my xstitch supplies in the pockets. I am not sure how much space I will have available but I am hoping enough to keep a project or 2 in the bag.

Because it is soft-sided I will be able to keep this behind my recliner.

This is all theory but it sounds good to me.

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