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Capt Joe

Looking for a Droid App

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I am looking for an app for my Android tablet and phone and am hoping someone on the forum can suggest one.

Among my other health issues I have been facing over the past 4 or 5 years, my vocal cords have been atrophied to where they are nearly non functioning.  I have had them built up thru injections (only a few weeks of help) and see an ENT specialist at UAB in B'ham but to no avail.... YET!!!

So, in an attempt to have better communication abilities, I would like to find an app that allows speech capabilities via text input.  I used one on a droid phone when I had the surgery to inject the cords and couldn't talk at all for a month but with my swollen fingers, lack of feeling in my finger tips, etc., it was a slow process to try and communicate with people.

I would like to find an app that would allow me to save phrases, sentences, etc. in easy to access form that I could use simply by clicking on them.  Might not give an exact spoken answer, etc, but would certainly give the ability to give timely replies instead of having to wait for me to type the entire thing.... and as time goes on, if the saved typed info is easy to find, I could cover a lot of topics, answers, etc. without having to type them.

I still am able to communicate verbally to some extent still but I do have to repeat things often and after a day where I do try to talk a fair amount, my voice is pretty well gone in the afternoon and evening.

So, any apps, hints, suggestions, etc. anyone may be able to suggest will be greatly appreciated.  


Capt Joe

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Thanks for the link to the Bing search.  Good search with the addition of the impaired search term and it seemed to increase the 'quality' of the results... for my needs anyway.

I have looked at several but not found quite what I feel I need.  I'm really thinking I need some type of 'boiler plate' app.  Sort of like lawyers use to use to put together contracts, etc.  I want to be able to store phrases and sentences in an easy to sort/search manner so I don't have to type each message I want spoken.

Lots of apps to look through to find just the right one.  Hopefully, someone will chime in with some specific suggestions on an app that has helped them or someone they know.

Thanks Again,

Capt Joe 

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