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Prescriptions on the road

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I knew we're going to FT and I got SOOOO sick of constantly going to the doctor and finding pharmacies, co-pays, mail order pharmacies...that I kicked every last prescription cold turkey. It's only been 1 month but I'm actually doing much better. Withdrawals were a b*otch though, but it turns out I was suffering more from all the side effects from the prescriptions than my actual illnesses. I see an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. I also have a GI illness and he's put me on 3 Chinese formulas. I'm doing better. I'm still shocked. I can go on the road 'free'....first time in 20 years.

I hope that works out for you. Somehow I just can't bring myself to recommend that solution for others. Please do come back and update everyone on how this is working after 6 months and in a year or two as well. :)

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Is your degree in either pharmacology or biochemistry? If not, how many courses in pharmacology and biochemistry did you have? People will believe unscientific observations before they believe what their own physicians are telling them which means you could be leading others into doing real harm to themselves or someone in their family.


A lot of people are over medicated, but you need to have a thorough discussion with your physician, go over all of the medications, and devise a plan to carefully reduce/remove the drugs along with what types of blood work to be done to monitor serum levels of the drugs and their metabolites and what to watch for in terms of problems reappearing that the drugs were originally prescribed to ameliorate.


Under medication and over medication are both real problems and neither should be done willy-nilly.



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Mail order works fine for those that either stay in one location for awhile or travel with reservations, so they know where they will be when. It doesn't work so well for those that do 1-2 day stays without reservations, and no exact plans for where they will be on a specific date.


Costco pharmacy will fill a years prescription at one time for unrestricted drugs.


Even with our Blue Cross insurance it was cheaper to NOT go through Blue Cross, but pay out of pocket. Ours is Blue Cross for Federal employees......if you have better health insurance this might not apply.

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