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  1. Too many of these cities try to offer more and more to “ help” the homeless. This in turn attracts others who wish to freeload on the system.
  2. Depending on how big a “lot” you can also buy one acre or so in an unrestricted area
  3. Use a flat head screwdriver under the bolt head prying upward. May work
  4. Saw an article that Germany is facing a “crisis” in the next year or so as the wind turbines they have been using are nearing end of life. The materials used to build them are not recyclable and they don’t know what to do with them.
  5. Actually three rights make a left! 😱
  6. Looking at the same hitch. Noted he had a Ram which has a very short “short” bed looks like it will work in my Ford short bed
  7. Jerry Clower or Justin Wilson had a bit years ago. Sheriff was sitting in front of courthouse. Traveling salesman came up and saw the dog laying there. Salesman asked, “Does you dog bite?” Sheriff said, “no” Salesman went to pet the dog and got bit! He ask the Sheriff what happened. Sheriff said “ that ain’t my dog!”
  8. Also keep a kit of bulbs, o rings for hoses(always seem to leak the further you are from a replacements), heavy duty extension cord (always comes in handy)
  9. http://www.dyna-bilt.com/products/dyna-span engineered panels of OSB
  10. Like American Express Dont leave home without it! one of the reasons I refuse to go to California
  11. Where is it registered? If registered in Austin area, you are required to have the testing (assuming this is a motorized vehicle).
  12. Big Rick

    Rough roads

    Does not look like interstate as much as a divided highway
  13. The “credit” charge is for ComData and the fleet cards I believe
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