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  1. I call it a tall queen because the pads for the storage cubbies can be used for pillows adding another 12 in or so.. Nice space for certain. Handy as the two main beds are the same size for sheets.
  2. Our 2250 has a queen over cab (Ford)... Maybe yours does too?
  3. The alternative is less than optional, LOL. I have had to grow up and plan for my demise...
  4. Dp26

    Fuel spill insurance

    Pd is property damage (during accident).
  5. Dp26

    Fuel spill insurance

    No experience, but it looks like PL/PD is the coverage.
  6. Gord for me... Separation resolves any red light issues. Vertically counts too, and resolves any out of perfect alignment of the two antenna. While mobile, I will lower the inside antenna to get best boost. When stationary, I switch to a marine antenna on a flag pole, which resolves separation, and improves range to tower. The booster does adjust power to try to keep working when separation is iffy, so when in fair signal areas (less boost needed), separation is not a big deal. When max boost is needed, max separation is needed too. I proved this by accident. When in a very marginal area, we had no connection until we accidentally knocked the interior antenna off the velcro. Viola, we had signal (when no one else did, including next to me with a different brand). When we got home, I discussed this with Good, and we agreed the increased separation allowed more boost power than my normal setup did. Since I did not want a sheet of metal for a ground plane up a flag pole, nor a yagi, the Marine antenna was the solution. Note, for me, I value connection, where others give ratings on speed tests (which are tough to compare). I need connection to generate income, as do the storm chasers who say Gord's system beats all too. When only one brand can get connection, it wins over no connection. For me, it is only a few times a year I need the boost, but I could not stay at those places without it. I could get a sat setup, but the cost is not reasonable for my needs.
  7. Velvac mirror explosion. Drivers side. 2k miles from home, nowhere near any sort of hardware store. Drill and bolt robbed from elsewhere got it workable to get home
  8. My interior antenna is the stock omni. The lucky part is when it fell, it landed in such a way as to still be properly oriented! My interior antenna is not centered. I have it on the bottom of a cabinet right over the door. This improves signal when outside, while not hurting it noticeably when inside. It is velcro mounted, so I can (although we never have had to) move it to a centered inside position. Within a reasonable distance from the internal antenna, I have found no real world (not signal test, but actual connection and speed) difference by being an arms length, or 10 feet away. My signal test is whether DW and DD have connection, and the warning tones cannot be missed! (I have db apps, and enough experience to use and interpret db - from CB days.) This summer, the real world comparison of a neighbor not having signal with a competing product, and me getting signal (and them borrowing my signal), affirmed what Gord has the tough job of teaching, that MaxAmp "sees" better than the competitors. On a level field, with all playing by the current rules, max speed for any brand is the same, carrier limited, so the evidence I have seen of MaxAmp seeing at lesser signals makes it the clear winner.
  9. Update. Still using my unit successfully. Was in SD this summer, a CG in a valley in the Mt. Rushmore area. No one I asked had cell reception, except for me (and those I invited to our site to connect). We talked to many folks who were weary of walking up to the store to use the LL, or to higher ground to try to get cell reception. I did have some trouble connecting at first (sporadic red light) at first. Then, when by chance, the interior antenna fell off the velcro, it connected fine. The vertical increase in separation of the antenna must have allowed the unit to use the full design power without interference. I have roughly 18" vertical separation from the antenna bases, and about 18' horizontal. Max Amp "mobile", which is the one for autos and shorter RV's. Mag Mount exterior antenna, on a ~2' square ground plane. In the fall, at a fairly close by coastal location, with fair Verizon and sketchy ATT, the same "trick", increasing the vertical separation, worked again, so I did not have to use my backup (Verizon). I messaged Gord, and asked what antenna he suggested to put on a flag pole. Gord suggested the marine (I prefer to not aim a yagi sine I use two carriers at times). This should, if my summation is correct, allow for better connection (increase vertical separation, increase in outside antenna height, and in this case, increase antenna gain from 5db to 9db). The marine antenna has a built in ground plane system, so I do not have to fashion something on the flag pole. I will probably also setup a mount on my house roof, so I can use it in case my wired internet goes down. --- I noted Gord's site has not been updated recently, but since he replies quickly, I was not worried. When I was searching for the antenna, I found what must be an affiliate/dealer, geared towards marine installs, which had the antenna on sale, including free shipping. When I bought my unit on AMZ, through a dealer, because the pricing was the same, but I get a rebate on AMZ. It was one of the earlier units, with the blue (instead of green light). Even though I have not bought anything directly from Gord, his support has been as good as it gets. --- In case you have not followed the full thread, my perspective is must have connection, even if slow data, as much as possible. Speed is great, but being connected at all is my priority. Others have pure speed boost as their main opinion, which is great, but for cases where MaxAmp has been able to get me signal, when others cannot (close by, same CG, different amps), for my needs, MaxAmp is the clear winner, not only in specifications of minimum signal needed (others do not even claim to be as good as low signal "catching"), but in actual usage comparisons.
  10. Equalizer systems. https://equalizersystems.com
  11. Just finished installing bigfoots on our class c. The materials are excellent, instructions were not step by step (since they try to cover many models in one booket) but nothing I had to call for help with since I was able to take my time.
  12. Roger Marble. The RV tire guru... All the questions and their answers can be found on his site. He is a real tire engineer. http://www.rvtiresafety.net/
  13. https://www-m.cnn.com/2018/08/04/us/carr-fire-week-wrap/index.html "But on one road near Redding, California, when a tire failed last month on a trailer and its rim scraped the asphalt, the result was catastrophic for an entire region." "The blaze turned everything it touched into ash, mangled metal and black embers, and is still burning nearly two weeks later. It's killed seven people, scorched more than 145,000 acres and is the deadliest of 17 blazes racing through the state."
  14. Dp26

    Debit card compromised

    Cards can be skimmed, surfed, viewed (point of sale issues), lost, or they can get compromised by data loss at the processing company (for which there are actually very few). You cannot prevent it. What you can do is split your money between two banks. Use one actively, use the other to transfer money over, as needed. Then, when you do get compromised (and you will eventually), you have a backup set to get through the day or two it takes to resolve the issue. (For travel, I have one or two cards in hand, and a backup set - plus a couple days of cash - in a lock box.) This "split" applies to having two sets of bank accounts and two sets of charge cards. Use actual credit cards when possible, not debit, as your protection is somewhat better, and they cannot draw your actual cash. The thing to consider is we all are already paying for the losses and fees (via higher prices, and via charge card fees), so we may as well use the "insurance" they provide. As a family, we have been compromised twice in the last few years. One was a staffer at a quick serve restaurant. The card was duped, and used rapidly at two drug stores (across the street, so there was at least one "partner") to get as many $100 money transfers out of the country as possible, until the limit was reached. We got an alert as it was happening, and nearly caught it in time. it was a charge card, so no harm to us as the bank resolved it nearly instantly. The moral is not to use any instrument directly tied to your cash, take advantage of what you are already paying for and use charge cards. There used to be (and maybe still are) card issuers who let you generate a unique card number for each online order, which for me, was "fun", but annoying, and did not increase safety or prosecution at all.
  15. Plan as far ahead as possible (make reservations). For instance, north of SF is tight most of the time, and especially now, with many sites being used as long term for fire victims. This includes the Petaluma KOA, the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, and most any location south of roughly the Cloverdale KOA. A MH over the golden gate bridge is doable, just stay in the right lane. Hwy 1 through Sf is also doable, if you are patient.
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