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  1. Best I can tell from the image, ditto what 57becky and truckman says. I would guess that 2-3 inch riser will make it very near level without compromising the bed to trailer clearance. And yes, that will make the trailer a bit more top heavy and more subject to instability (higher center of gravity) in turns. MORryde can add riser as I suspect there are others that can also.
  2. Is there anymore news on this action? Can someone point to the latest news on this?
  3. You can get an easy way to test the fuel at http://www.fuel-testers.com/index.html
  4. We have been trying hard to go to some (any) RV get together/roundup/etc. Our sched has been so messed up lately, just cannot fit one in. Maybe next Fall.
  5. A buck! Seriously? Heck, we had a fabulous time at First Monday Trade Days and when you add the parking fee to the VRBO cost (b4 we had 5r), dinner at Four Winds Steakhouse, Joy & daughter renting scooters, "stuff" we bought, and gas to get there... Kinda like people complaining to the repair guy that their refrigerator is running up their light bill cuz it runs all the time. Really? One stinking dollar?
  6. The lightning storm was about the craziest I had ever seen. Here is the US map at 2:40am Thursday The last time I saw it this bad was in early Summer of 2005 when I got this shot out the back door on June 14
  7. Been storming here on Lake Conroe 12+ hours. Just watching, after being kept awake, the storm pounding Livingston. http://en.blitzortung.org/live_dynamic_maps.php Just wondering how everyone is fairing? It's rattling our cage here at the S&B south of New Waverly.
  8. Wow! Lots of good info here. When we picked up our 5r from Holiday World, my sweetheart insisted on a service contract. what they offered us was a $5500 First Extended + a tire warranty for $795 + Roadside Assist from Coach Net $645. I had heard good things about Coach Net so gave them a call and an email. Got quotes for half the $$$ for their complete package. Then in a phone conversation with them found out that they had some sort of agreement with Holiday World. They could not write the agreement with me. Went back to the dealer to transfer the whole enchilada to Coach Net - told they could not do it. So I got a full refund for tire and ESC and next October when my warranty expires will contact Coach Net again. Again, most say their products and service are great.
  9. Thanks Mark. I sent a note over to Tom Shalin at Amsoil and he pretty much confirmed what you said. 5w-30 would be fine. I was just looking for a way to have one oil sitting around the garage. I read through the link at machinerylubrication.com and better understand why the newer motors need either C or S oil depending on what engine they run. I'll most likely stick with the dino oil in 15w-40 for the Kohler mower. Other than that I plan on using only synthetics. B4, I mostly thought oil was oil. In the old, old days, 30w for everything.
  10. So I have now read the link info provided above and see how oil might be detrimental if it is designed for a diesel but used in a gasser.
  11. Oil around my house has gotten a little crazy. 10w-40 Pennzoil dino in the Yamaha boat motor, 30w dino in the Kohler zero turn mower, Valvoline 5w-40 Premium Blue Extreme Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil in the Cummins 6.7, and Pennzoil 5w-30 Platinum Full synthetic for the 2001 Towncar. I recently switched to Shell Rotella 15w-40 dino in the mower and have seen much greater oil life when draining (not black and dirty looking). So other than cost, is there any reason to not use Valvoline 5w-40 Premium Blue Extreme Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil in everything? The Towncar calls for 5w-20. Not sure why 5w-40 would not work. It covers the range of viscosity.
  12. Looking through many threads on filtering water at RV sites and seeing some very impressive and sometimes complex systems, I'm beginning to wonder. How, starting out with 50psi of pressure do those folks have any water pressure left to get utility water to do "stuff"?
  13. Barb and Jack, my thoughts exactly. Ours is the 2.0 and it was Joy not me that talked with Keurig. Something about the mineral allowing the coffee in the Kcup to clump and not filter down into the exit needle/tube. It absolutely made no sense to me. I was always of the opinion that soft water - ours is usually 0 grains per gallon - was the best thing for the maker. I know there are instructions about descaling the maker but we have never needed to do that on the older Kcup machines because of soft water. Joy did recently change to a different brand of coffee/Kcup and now using the bottled water we will need to run clean cycles with acid/vinegar/or their special cleaner solution since the bottled water is considerably harder than our well water.
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