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  1. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    I'll bet with all the tool boxes your Hubby has, he already has the necessary wrench. I just added to my wish list a d/c amp probe. Fluke 365 Detachable Jaw True-RMS A/C-D/C Clamp Meter
  2. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    I'm not sure how important torque is on RV lug nuts but I get anal and a little squeamish about tools that have no accuracy indicated, ISO or ASME standards being met, and no certificate of calibration being traceable back to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Most likely, I'm being over caring here. They are, after all just tire lug nuts. Most likely accuracy and precision just does not matter like on a fine Swiss watch. I have a much older and cheaper torque wrench that just uses a beam to move along a fixed scale. It was only good to about 100#, so would not work on the 5r lug nuts.
  3. So Cal is ABLAZE

    For a real sense of the severity of these fires, check this page.. https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/fires/main/index.html
  4. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    Chalkie, most of the time, I'm with you. Save $$$. I could have gone the cell way and gotten headphones for our Verizon mobiles. It's just that service does not exist where amateur astronomers hang out. I delayed getting the 24G set a couple of years ago because of the proprietary battery and the transmitter battery pack was on a belt clip. The boating community turned me onto them. When Eartec came out with the all in one lightweight headset, I overcame my repulsion at the batteries and price. The sound quality is excellent and I would not settle for half duplex. The 1/4 mile range and 6 hour operation was not an issue. I've looked at and handled a number of torque wrenches in this # range since I began the RV hunt. The CDI I recommended and have is a very finely made unit, made in the USA. It's a Snap-on specialty tool brand. It came with all the calibration at better than 2% clockwise and better than 3% counterclockwise.
  5. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    Sorry. I did not intentionally exclude women. Many of the women in our local astro clubs (Houston area) are better observers than most of the men ;=+. The men are just more geeky. I don't know what you store in your front basement but an 8" Dob will fit easily. Some good beginner finder charts http://www.robhawley.net/mm/SHG-MM-charts-v6.pdf https://www.cloudynights.com/articles/cat/articles/observing-skills/free-mag-7-star-charts-r1021
  6. Ordering a new truck

    We got the same truck, for about the same price in September, a Limited with all the trimmings, from Bluebonnet in New Braunfels. I'll bet today you could get $20k off that truck but remember that stock is dwindling quickly near year end. They have an amazing stock of trucks and yes cars are on the rear lots.
  7. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    I checked the documentation that came with our RV, it's a Magnum Dimensions CSW series. The idle current is <1.2 amps DC so that rounds out to under 16 watts. I had not even considered that in my thought process. Thanks for the info jcussen. It's going to stay cool all day here today (40s) so might be a good day to test the hours of operation of the reefer. I have to attempt getting the Samsung off the slide out to check it for some problems anyway.
  8. Microwave

    They can be tricky to install/replace. And yes most of the venting is pretty standard depending on who makes them. Not sure about the "off" brand in ours (High Pointe). I suggest taking it out and examining how things are arranged since so much of the RV industry does not use standard ware.
  9. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    Everyone should be able to look at galaxies and nebulae outside of our solar system. A man should have a good telescope to do this. I recommend buying used but that sometime requires some experience to do well. An 8" Dobsonian usually fills the bill. Some will get more use out of a refractor style (good for bird and wildlife watching also). Or maybe a great pair of binoculars. https://www.astromart.com/classifieds/list.asp?classified_category_id=12 https://www.telescope.com/Orion/Telescopes/Dobsonian-Telescopes/rc/2160/pc/1/12.uts
  10. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

  11. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    Okay, thanks for all the help. 1st off let me say I've been working on a/c and domestic refrigerators since the early '70s. I understand E=IR, P/V=I, blah, blah, blah, etc. I do not know the AH of these batteries. What I could see marked on the top of them is what I quoted in OP. The refrigerator is not LP. It is a domestic household 18 cu ft Samsung. The name-tag max current is most likely when in defrost mode and running one of the heaters. From my long experience and most recently working to repair Samsung, LG, GE, Whirlpool, and Sears refrigerators, I do not need to put an amp probe on it to know that about 1-1.5 amps will be drawn during a cooling cycle. Most now have very efficient variable speed compressors run by an inverter board. The TV does supply some charging current when running (not sure how much), I'm sure of since when I found the disconnect "key" not in and the battery vdc was 12.3 and came up to 12.9 while connected to the TV running. The info missing is what the batteries are capable of giving during the 4-5 hours on the road. AND, will they be exhausted when we get to camp? One other question that has crossed my noob cranium is how bad is it for the 12vdc stuff to hook to shore power AND the TV at the same time? -- two charging systems trying to get something into the batteries - alternator & converter Progressive Dynamics thingy? So, in theory, a short 4-5 hour trip in not hot weather, if unit is well cooled b4 trip, then things should work okay. Maybe not hurting anything to add a big bag of ice to a pan in the reefer.
  12. How Long Will Refrigerator Run

    We'll be taking our first trip soon and I concerned about the refrigerator. It's a Samsung 18 cu ft that has a max current of 3.0. I looked at the batteries which all I can tell is tag with 27DP, cca@0F 650, mca@32F 800, 23amp ave 175min. I don't know what all this means but it is useful to someone. There are two of these new marine deepcycle/starting batteries in the big plastic sealed box wired parallel. Our trip to the first camp site will be ~4-5 hours. I suspect the current draw on the ref is less than 3 amps (my years of working on these show more like 1.5 amps) and that duty cycle will be about 60% with the ambient temperatures we have right now. My question is will I arrive with dead batteries and a non running refrigerator? I've looked at some other batteries (Trojans) but these are brand new (9/17 & 10/17 dates) and a pair of the big 6 volters wired series doesn't look to give much more amp hours. Please give me some pointers and correct me where I'm wrong.
  13. Guys' Christmas Wish List

    That's the ones that were recommended to me and I'll x2 it also. Works great.