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  1. Not necessarily. I was making my way from west Texas back in the late 90s on I-10 after midnight and got into a convoy of truckers heading the same way. I was in a '94 Ford pickup with a 300 cu in straight 6. B4 I knew it, near Comfort, Texas we were doing 80-85 and I found myself between a pair of cattle haulers. Needless to say, I was getting pummeled by cow s*** and there was no place to go since I did not have the ponies to get out of the train­čś»
  2. I found it helped on our insurance cost was to lower the agreed value as the 5r aged. Ours went from $1,200/yr to $1,400/yr and now to $1,100/yr by managing the value.
  3. Thanks folks. Nice vid, Kirk. I'll do some in-depth testing using that info. The guy at the Interstate (expensive) Battery Center near me said that if I've been only charging with alternator, then to put them on a low amp desulfanator charger for a day or so. Said they were too low voltage to load test (13.3vdc on converter, 12.2 when no load and off charger). The general din I'm hearing is 3-7 years on wet cell and 4-10 on AGM but testing in the ways heard here is in order. And Kirk, I remember when we sold garden tractor batteries at Sears along with the container of acid. And since we dry camp very little, will most likely avoid the expense of Trojan or pair of the 6 volt config.
  4. A friend of mine has a Forest River Cardinal about the same age as yours and when he runs either a/c, air will come out all the discharge grills. More air when both run. Same on our 2yo Montana. Hope that helps.
  5. Is there a way to monitor the battery standing voltage to determine at what age to replace a pair of 12 volt wet cell batteries? Is the age a good guide for both AGM and old style wet cell? My current pair are no name brand "Marine/Deep Cycle" that came with the 5r. Just really don't want to be out off shore power and find they cannot run in the hydraulic pump.
  6. I had similar issues when I set up my Dish 1000.2 w/DPP and a pair of Wally receivers in my 5r on my home account. I finally discovered that setting the markers for the Skew and Altitude were not where I thought they were. The precision with which it has to be pointed is extremely touchy. I even went to the trouble to modify my tripod. A good compass helps but the phone app Dish Pointer works well if you are away from metal that can interfere. It was a huge battle getting over the learning curve. The Dish tech guys were very patient and helpful. I thought the elevation pointer was the center of the bolt, but it is not. The skew pointer was a little V-cut so was more obvious. Another thing that helps is to reboot the receiver after you think the dish is pointed correctly. In my case with two receivers, I had to use dual messenger coax from the DPP to the two inputs in my convenience center to feed the two receivers.
  7. We had our 5th wheel weighed by the Selmans in December of 2016 two months after purchasing. All looked good. We have added and rearranged stuff and want to have it done again. Looking at the schedule at https://rvsafety.com/schedule they have no Texas locations. Anyone know where I can get a 4 tire weight done? We are going to do a Fredericksburg trip in December so might find something useful from our home in Willis out to our destination. I can have the full 5r weighed at the Love's truck stop 4 miles down the road. I don't think they do a 4 wheel weight, just a total which I'm not concerned about. Thanks for any suggestions.
  8. Best I can tell from the image, ditto what 57becky and truckman says. I would guess that 2-3 inch riser will make it very near level without compromising the bed to trailer clearance. And yes, that will make the trailer a bit more top heavy and more subject to instability (higher center of gravity) in turns. MORryde can add riser as I suspect there are others that can also.
  9. Is there anymore news on this action? Can someone point to the latest news on this?
  10. You can get an easy way to test the fuel at http://www.fuel-testers.com/index.html
  11. We have been trying hard to go to some (any) RV get together/roundup/etc. Our sched has been so messed up lately, just cannot fit one in. Maybe next Fall.
  12. A buck! Seriously? Heck, we had a fabulous time at First Monday Trade Days and when you add the parking fee to the VRBO cost (b4 we had 5r), dinner at Four Winds Steakhouse, Joy & daughter renting scooters, "stuff" we bought, and gas to get there... Kinda like people complaining to the repair guy that their refrigerator is running up their light bill cuz it runs all the time. Really? One stinking dollar?
  13. The lightning storm was about the craziest I had ever seen. Here is the US map at 2:40am Thursday The last time I saw it this bad was in early Summer of 2005 when I got this shot out the back door on June 14
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