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  1. Air Governor

    YES! ShortyO
  2. Tires

    I suggest that you get quotes on 6 Toyo or Yokohama truck tires of the appropiate size. ShortyO
  3. Cheyenne, WY to Amarillo, TX-Aviod Denver

    The worst part of the US 287 route will be the 32 miles across Oklahoma. It has been rough for 20 years ShortyO
  4. smart car ramps

    I have "E" track welded to 3/16 tread plate. I cannot see that the "E" track flexes any. I have 4 36" pieces. ShortyO
  5. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    At Oakwood RV Resort in Fredricksburg, TX for a week. This is a nice park , but not really Big Rig friendly
  6. Fish Plates (DollyTrolly?)

    I place 3 Ton jack stands on the hinge points of the ramps to load and unload our smart4two. It might be a "Belt & Suspenders" operation, but I know the hinge won't fail. ShortyO
  7. WTB: Frame cover grates

    I also have some you can have for free. Pickup in Midland, Texas ShortyO
  8. smart car ramps

    I use the 19" ramps with a jack stand under the hinge area. Belt & suspenders I suppose. I also hook a tow strap as a safety catch.
  9. HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    West Texas starts at Junction on I-10 or Abilene on I-20. Lost Alaskan RV park in Alpine is a great park, but will be full the first week-end of March (Texas Cowboy Poets Gathering). ShortyO
  10. RV storage tips

    I have had success keeping the critters out using "FRESH CAB". It will need to be refreshed periodociy. sHORTYo
  11. Tire Question

    The load range E tires in dual configuration will probably exceed the rear axle rating. ShortyO
  12. Semi / snow - Bob tail

    I would second Steve's suggestion. I-40 around Flagstaff can get nasty in winter. ShortyO
  13. camera

    You can find a good selection @ rearviewsafety.com. There are many listed on e-bay also for less money. ShortyO
  14. Help planning Albuquerque 2018

    We regularly stay at "Enchanted Trails". It is an older park but well kept and has large sites. It is also a Passport America park with 2 daws at 1/2 price and any remaining days with a Good Sam discount. ShortyO

    Too many people buy things they don't need with money that they don't have to impress people that they don't know and could that could not care. ShortyO