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  1. Update: If you order your Mobley from AT&T they send you the device already activated, all you do is plug it in and connect to it with your Phone/Tablet/computer's WiFi settings. Don't throw away the ZTE box inside or the AT&T invoice because your new device phone number is on the invoice, and your device's IMEI number and the ICCID number are both on one side of the inner box it arrived in. I realized it wasn't clear how to activate the device for me and others. I ordered mine from AT&T and it came activated because I just plugged it in and it had two steady green LED indicators meaning powered and connected. I would strongly suggest that anyone who wants one to order it directly from AT&T. The AT&T lady I spoke with had another mobile hot spot device from them and it mates to one vehicle VIN so cannot be moved from car to car or RV with a Power supply. Only the ZTE can be used in any vehicle you move it to, as far as I know. Now to assemble a cheap 12 VDC power supply using a junkyard OBD vehicle port. I have several 12 volt wall warts one of which should work. If anyone has an AT&T phone for data, this will do as well speed-wise but save you a bunch on data usage. I also logged into the AT&T Wi-Fi device manager while connected to the hotspot. The Quick Start Pamphlet has the address http://attwifimanager I was tickled that it has a guest Wi-Fi feature and the Wi-Fi manager also allows me to block a number from accessing it. You can even set up a guest hotspot! That site is also where you change the default user name and password. I am naming mine the same as my home network just adding mobile to the end, and using the same password but all lower case. The device once you use the manager is pretty simple to use. I also had to call three times to get a tech that knew what they were doing. But all of them assumed you needed to activate it and that can mess you up. Just order yours from AT&T and your account, new device phone number, and basic setup are all done for you from AT&T. The SIM card was already installed. It is under a rubber flap on the back of the Mobley. EZPZ. Now if only Verizon offered the same thing. Verizon also has only two bars here but much faster and clearer than any of the other carriers. Sprint here is no signal, T-Mobile none, etc. Were I on the road this would likely work as we used main roads and parked near destinations or next to the highways for the traveling overnights. We did not work camp or snowbird just traveled in the North for summers and the South for winters and stayed from Thanksgiving through mid March here on our property with our old RV pad with full hookups we built.
  2. OK I activated mine today. At my house I was getting dial up speeds of .5mb/sec with two bars. I drove a mile and a half closer to I-20 and with four bars got 10.36Mbps download and 6.79Mbps upload speeds. I will test it later with 5 bars and then at our inherited property. If it can't handle video security views I wasted 120 bucks for my intended purpose. If I can get four bars there it will work fine. THen I will contact AT&T and disconnect it when we sell the house and report back whether they keep charging or I can actually turn the service on and off. IT will be worth it for streaming Pandora and other music and news sources. Pandora streamed fine at .5 Mbps when the speed was too slow for me for browsing. For folks with the Cell booster/amp from Gord it may be much faster. I was happy with 5 Mbps12 years ago, and now with 200Mbps at home 10 Mbps seems slooooooooow. But now I can stream music etc with no data limit worries.
  3. I can't find the Space X video showing them popping several satellites out of a capsule bay with another five or six empty release pods. IT was impressive. Space debris is a problem being addressed by a Swiss firm: https://www.space.com/30079-how-a-pac-man-satellite-will-gobble-up-space-debris-video.html
  4. Linda, thanks I removed mine. Good thoughts go out to them. I checked again today and nothing new.
  5. I hear ya Jim and you're spot on. I do better with it too. But it is hard to hold back and go slow. I think I may just get into PT again too. It is a PITA after 65 to switch from athlete mode to old dude without getting a choice. Time to put the total gym back together and use my bike. I had great results before the surgery with PT as well.
  6. The traveling Vietnam memorial wall came here to Bossier City Louisiana a week ago last Wednesday and stayed for a week. I had been to "The Wall" in DC back in the 80s and it is a solemn and very moving visit. We weren't going to go but we did at the last minute and we are glad we did. The traveling wall is very well done and there were more than a few of us who found friends and had an emotional moment, as we relived our memories of them. If it comes to your town it is worth the trip to see it, even if you've been to the original in Washington DC. http://www.eventsinusa.net/event-american-veterans-traveling-tribute-wall-bossier-city-9673642
  7. Jim, Sorry I missed this for six days! I am not here as much as I'd like nowadays. I had two setbacks because I did not do the rehab exercises as prescribed and pulled it twice but recovered both times. I was a bit off put and now am restarting my conditioning program to lose the 50 pounds I put on with limited activity and since quitting smoking in 2010. (I actually gave up beer too since one goes with the other for me, drink a beer light a smoke) Their surgery worked out for me. They do a free consult and read your recent MRIs to tell you if your condition is eligible for their procedures. Thanks so much for asking Jim! I would recommend them to anyone who they say qualifies for their procedures. Are you contemplating using them too? Hope all is well on your end bud!
  8. Great news Joel, I don't care what color it is, just bring me some wine! (Intimidated teenaged girl on a date at a more expensive restaurant she's ever been to, on being asked by the Sommelier if she wanted a white wine or red wine with their supper main course.) It matters not who is the provider and with two of them up there we all get competition with no one having to use the infrastructure installed by another. Unlike to day where cable companies have a monopoly in each town and will not compete with another town next door. Interesting that they are using Arianespace for launches instead of Space X or Blue Origin BE-4. Other space news shows the ULA looking for an alternate rocket engine from both Blue Origin and if ULA decides against going with the BE-4, it has a “Plan B” in place to use Aerojet Rocketdyne’s AR1 rocket engine instead. https://www.geekwire.com/2017/jeff-bezos-blue-origin-picks-huntsville-alabama-rocket-city-4-engine/ I believe the ULA would rather go bankrupt than buy from Musk since he sued them to get his share of launches. When Boeing had Li-Ion battery issues on its planes they refused Musk's offer of help. Took them another two months to fix their problem. Thanks again Joel, I have been on other projects head down and going at it hard.
  9. Hey guys, I was amazed that it came overnight and I got it on Thursday. I have had several doctor's appointments, and went boar hunting with a good friend who had his cameras on his property showing big hogs between 1:30 and 2:30 a.m. I asked him to holler at me when he went out to harvest them. So he called me up as I had asked because I'd never done or helped with a hog before. He has a nice 4X4 side by side with 4WD and a flip down half windshield ideal for shooting from. At 1:30 -1:45 a.m. he spotted one in his night-vision scope attached to a .308 assault rifle with a silencer on the end. He also had a thermal imaging monocular, also he had a rifle rack so he could relax between shots. I had no ear muffs and when he raised the rifle I covered my ears and dropped my hands immediately and he fired again from next to me with the barrel outside of the vehicle. Even with no hearing protection it ewas less than a .22 and I had no ringing or anything. He found the blood trail and I found the boar who only made it about 50 feet from where he was shot. It was a 243 pound Boar. It was 5 AM before we got it gutted and stripped. We iced it down for skinning later. Then he had to get across town to get it processed into sausage and tenderloin and ribs. It was ready yesterday and he gave me about ten pounds of sausage and another breakfast sausage 5 pound roll. He also asked me to bring Lynn because he needed to get rid of tomatoes (Heirloom, beefsteak, and cherry) and big green peppers. MY goodness he has at least 50 bushels already on the plants and we left most of the green tomatoes alone so he really does either waste it or finds more friends to get them as it is a shame to waste the kind of vine ripened veggies. I have eaten home grown cherry tomatoes but these were unbelievable in flavor. So as of now I haven't even activated my new toy, the ZTE Mobley. It is still there and I am just about caught back up on sleep. Man that Boar was young and his tusks were just coming in. The big one was out there in the last few nights pictures too so we will be going out again next week. This time I will be better prepared for the drag out of the woods. I'm getting too old for that without a woods dolly. Can't get the side by side in there either. So tomorrow for the Mobley. I will just activate it and get it working well then worry about the power supply. Thanks for all the help! I bumped it ahead of my smart home system and my neat scanner. I am going to have to slow down and get all the toys done before getting any more.
  10. Hey guys thanks! I am deciding on the Amazon one versus making one. I found a video of a guy that made up a female OBD port with a cell phone charger and he mentions that the correct pins are 16 for the positive connection, and 4 for the negative, as Pete said. it is a home video from a couple of young RVrs but the port setup is at ~4:40 in the middle of the 7 minute video: I have to run to get a prescription filled at the base and will comment later on my activation and which power supply I will use. I needed this for our house we are about to sell and is vacant while we paint and put in new carpet and door locks. There is no Internet and we need it for video surveillance. I already have the Ring Doorbell and two stick-ups from Ring at my house and we will use the inside camera a D-Link 1080p which moves up and down as well as side to side from the phone app. We don't have it set to notify at the moment because anyone breaking in will have to go by one of the outside cameras to even break in a back window. It is only set for loop recording to a 32GB micro SD card now. With this Internet made for a car I can monitor any disturbances. More later about the other links and folks sharing their expertise.
  11. Just called AT&T and they are back in stock. The local Bossier City store has no clue says they didn't have one and if it was sitting in front of them they would say they had none. I called the AT&T connected car division and they are back in stock here for 20 bucks more than Best buy sold them for - $99.99 online from AT&T and $79.99 if Best Buy ever gets them back in stock, The store BB guy here said they will get more but they aren't even in the BB online ordering system. Go here to get one, I just ordered one as a play with it gadget: https://www.att.com/devices/zte/mobley.html#sku=sku7700323 When I am done I will sell it to a passing through RVr. OK where are the power supplies to use in the RV or house available? I saw it but it was in the deleted thread that had some negative comments about another member here. I need one. Anyone got a link to order the power supplies? Thanks for all the help guys.
  12. Wow! I am going to get the basic for my main computer. If that works out then Pro for our two phones and my main computer.
  13. Thanks for the info!
  14. Removed by me.