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  1. Joel, That's why I pinned Control Panel to my task bar. I use my power setting during Updates so my screens will stay on and then to set them back to balanced after they are done. I don't use any screen savers, haven't for the last ten to 15 years on any LCD screens as they don't burn in like CRT displays do. Were I to not use it as much I'd still pin it. To find it I just ask Cortana, then click on control panel in her results. I do wish they'd left the manual Windows update on Control panel, instead of forcing the tour through settings. I do like the new options for updates and control the telemetry more so than before. I know that Power options and other control panel pages can be had with a right click on the start button. In fact if it weren't for the three extra clicks to use it, that menu does have most of my preferred tools, so I'd use it too. Glad all mine are done and work fine, other than uninstalling and reinstalling a few recalcitrant Apps.
  2. I saw that too. But all mine run great, better in fact. And that is six computers: Three tablets - an i5 Surface Pro 128GB SSD and 4GB RAM, A Dell Venue 11 Pro with an Atom Z3770 64GB SSD 2GB RAM, and a ASUS T100 Chi with the Atom Z3795, 128GB SSD and 4GB of RAM. Three desktops - a Dell all in one XPS 2720, with i7, dual storage with a 32GB SSD and a 2TB hard drive, 8GB RAM, A Lenovo all in one i5 8GB Ram a 1TB HD, and a Voyo Mini PC, Atom Z3735, 64GB SSD and 2 GB RAM dual boot with Android 4.1. All doing fine. Beats the nine (2 of them laptops) I used to have to do.
  3. Barb, Good luck! I already took my original money off the table, and a token $5k profit, leaving me 80% of my original shares when it hit high $90s. Our retirement is more than sufficient and medical becomes TriCare For Life in six days. Then all copay's are covered by TriCare as secondary to Medicare. However, they will take $115 a month out of my SS for part B! Lynn has a decent 401k account from which she will soon have to start taking the mandatory withdrawals. So all of that goes into other investments. She will be 65 in two years. We have been very fortunate in not having to gamble our retirement for investments. My Tesla investment was to me like the cost of $45k fishing boats, and another $10k of equipment for tournament fishermen. Tesla was our fun hobby, not our future at stake. But it has since grown to become "real money." On top of all that and our liquid assets, we are soon liquidating two properties, our 5 acres and the inherited five acres both with new and recent house. One has a 3 or 6kw grid connected Standalone solar system. (I haven't pulled that paperwork in a while) We don't show off, or wear gold or other conspicuous consumption. We prefer to eat home, and have a state of the art Home theater like now, and wherever we move. Might be Costa Rica or Colombia. Failing to like them,after visiting and house/tax/medical/costs investigating, we might move to the Denver area. I hope everyone can find their own amazing earner investment. My back appears to be getting even better, despite a setback, when I thought I'd over stressed it, so neither health or money are obstacles. We love our home but it's time to feather a new nest. Worst case we move back, from Central or South America, to Denver.
  4. Dennis, Right click on any blank space on this page and you should see it. Does this clear it up? https://www.howtogeek.com/288946/how-to-stop-websites-from-asking-to-show-notifications/
  5. New high today closing at $313.79 Anybody else riding this long bull market? Anyone with new investment ideas?
  6. Tesla closed at 308.03 today. There are many new markets and technologies to look into with high risk high reward like Tesla. I am looking forward to the unveiling of the Pickup and semi starting in September. Not in production then, but the main R&D done and first testing prototypes. It is only a matter of time before the first waves of model 3 cars come out this year.
  7. Guys, OK I did the creators update on my main 27" Dell XPS 2720, Surface Pro 3, ASUS T100-Chi-D, Dell venue 11 Pro, and my wife's Lenovo All In One. I love it! It actually fixed the issues that the Anniversary update broke on my main All in one 2720. Pieere, I had the same issue with having it report more memory needed on the Dell Venue 11 Pro. Simple solution? I installed a spare 32GB micro SD card in it. It is a Atom Z-3770, 64GB SSD, 2GB RAM. As soon as I installed the Micro SD card I rebooted and there were no more space issues. No issues on the ASUS 10.1 T100 Chi. It has 128GB SSD and 4GB RAM, as well as full HD, rare on the ASUS T series tablets. That was why I got rid of the ASUS T200 11.6". It had the Atom 3795, 4GB RAM, and a 64GB SSD but was basic HD 1200X800, not full 1920X1080p like the new one. I really like the new additions to the Creator's Update too. Microsoft is getting it right more and more.
  8. Pieere, Sorry, we are putting in full time just settling the estate of our last remaining parent. We are trying to find decent tradesmen for some renovation work that I won't be able to do for quite awhile yet. What I did was have Cortana open Defender with a voice command, then did the same opening Virus and Threat protection and selecting the scan from there. I pinned it to the Task bar as I do for Task manager to be able to shut down my Browser, currently FireFox version 53, if something appears to be downloading I did not want on my machine, I can two click and shut it down. I keep about 15 apps and programs pinned to the task bar including my TV tuner, Control panel, Snipping tool, Word, Outlook, calculator, Windows media player, Flipboiard, Sling TV, USA Today app, and Cortana reduced to just the small circle icon and no search bar, and Malwarebytes Premium app, and the Kodi App. I like those tools right at hand.
  9. Not at all. It was a sidebar I mentioned from 2011 as one reason we are considering pulling up stakes and moving to cooler climes. Then investing in land and perhaps Space X if it ever IPOs. until then we are still in Tesla for stocks, USAA funds well diversified, and owned and now inherited additional real estate. I also feel for those looking to invest in nice acreage near a decently sized city, it is next to impossible to find 2-5 acre properties anymore. We are dealing with an unexpected doubling of our money to handle after making a tidy profit with some cashed in, yet having the same problems many are having in not letting banks or financial institutions/advisors dilute and taking a cut. So we will be very liquid for a short while, and vulnerable to dollar changes. I was here and my thermometer was working well. I could care less if Al missed that I was talking about 2011, and got everyone trying to prove me wrong with data from 2014? Al quoted temps from the future. He wrote a forecast for 88 years, 87years in the future from 2017. He wrote: "Below are the links to the July & Aug temps from 2104-2016:" And our temperatures here, during that drought period were as much as ten degrees variance in a 100 mile radius of what is called the ArkLaTex. It was 110 here a couple of times. I think someone's sensitivity to climate change is kicking in. I don't care if one believes it is natural with nothing we do affecting it, or man caused, or a combination of the two. Louisiana is just getting too hot and even more humid lately. We want to get out before the rush and the value of 1/3 of our assets, property, loses value. I believe that the rising heat will become undeniable in five years. I could be wrong, but I don't think so. Only time will tell, not naysayers about stocks or weather, nor my worry about livability. Safe Investing!
  10. Randy, Boy has this group changed since I last posted here. Musk hasn't been desperate, he is just that much driven. I guess no one read the article because the Nikola is not Musk. The Tesla semi will be a BEV, not as of now any kind of furl cell, hydrogen or other. I still get a giggle thinking of how Tesla spends no money on advertising as in paying for advertising like the other car makers do. The ideas he conceives, believes, and achieves, draw attention. I love the idea of a Tesla pickup and semi. we should see prototypes this year! Best investment I've ever made, next I buy my Tesla. If I cashed in now I could buy three or four Model S Teslas now, but we will settle for a Model 3. I don't want to take my shares off the table. I did take my principal and token profit back when it was in the high $90 range. So I have zip to lose. I can't wait to see which fleets move their transport over to part BEVs first. Lots of fun coming out.
  11. In the Princeton area over the last decades I've lived here on and off during my military career, from 1971 to present, I'd not seen it ever hit 110, let alone over, until the last ten years as it has here in Princeton LA in 2011. it has historically been in the high 90s but lately it hits 100 regularly. The outdoor thermometer pictured always tracked our outdoor digital one, both in the shade, within a degree. I took that pic because even I didn't believe it. It was actually a bit over, about 112°, when viewed straight on.
  12. I'll have to agree to disagree. It's happening, his vehicles and rockets are real. Let's talk again in two years. I'm sure they won't be affordable for most, kind of like new custom Prevost MHs. Some can only dream. others tell why they wouldn't want one. I'll be interested in the Pickup rather than an HDT. Hope y'all had a nice Easter. Safe Travels!
  13. Here is the article and if you Google Tesla trucks you will find out about the pickup and their heavy hauler both of which will be presented in prototype later in 2017: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4062425-tesla-semi-truck-unveiled-september?auth_param=ee6s6:1cf0h9f:7e914e0fcbb42f3fd6232f0484fd4aa6&uprof=46&utoken=39f3b592412733ed04865ae67b96d2a2405ad5b4
  14. It's only going to get worse. <sigh>