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    • All three of our smarts have exhibited the same behavior in stopped traffic. The thing to keep in mind is that in the US the AC is designed to keep the interior of the car cool. In Europe it is designed to keep the interior from becoming too hot! May be tongue in cheek, but as I recall my old Saab and both of my Jaguar XJS's ('86 & '90) were the same way.
    • Ok I see.  Dental issues are Service connected therefor covered under the VA for you but not your wife. Dennis
    • I just take mine to someone. We always in a park somewhere so we can't do this. Best to find your filter first. Always have to order mine from Rock Auto. Mercedes to far and too costly
    • It’s getting time to change oil and filter on our 2017 smart. Those of you that change it yourself, how are you reaching the filter?  Looks like we have a cartridge filter forward and somewhat above the oil pan but I haven’t looked for it yet. I’m thinking I could drain the oil while it’s level on the truck and roll the smart down the ramps just a bit to access the cartridge filter.   Any recommendations/thoughts?
    • My HDT has a turbo exhaust gas temperature gauge and I like to these those temps around 300 before I shut down.  My LDT also has a exhaust gas temp guage.  Unless these have been run hard and then quickly stopped the temps are down by the time I arrive.  A few minutes at slower speed is all it takes.  The cooler temps are preferable to keep from burning oil stuck in the turbo but it is rarely a problem for me to see these lower temps after just a few minutes. I like to start out as soon as the air is up but I baby it a little for the first couple of miles.  Usually the lower speeds at the start is all it needs.  I don't like to idle a cold diesel and I don't  like to listen to an idling diesel.