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    • While generally speaking a bigger black tank is better, do not overlook the size of the gray water tank as it is usually the more limiting waste tank because much more of your used water goes into it and the vast majority of us find the gray always fills up first. You didn't mention the size of the gray water tank in the subject RV.
    • Kirk; I'm referring to the starting [chassis] batteries. Measured voltage at the batteries.  While both house and chassis batteries read 5.8 at the "One Place" panel, at the batteries themselves the chassis batteries read 5.8 while the house read 11.5. I replaced both chassis batteries.   Chad; I am referring to the inverter control panel at the "One Place" panel inside the coach.  It has an On/Off button.  This button does not function...it does not light up that portion of the panel.   I will check battery connections and fuses.   Thank you both.    Ron
    • While that may be, I have not yet seen one in an RV but I also don't spend the time in researching them that I once did. Since he does have a plumbing vent which he has already tried removing, I doubt that this is what he has.   
    • I never thought I could get this much information on this, and honestly never thought it would be so interesting (I may need to get out more), but seriously, this is very helpful, I', realizing that there are lots of ways to handle this, so it won't automatically limit the Class C I get.  Please continue with this thread if you have any additional thoughts, tx..
    • The RV repair guy may be referring to a HepvO valve and the "lining" in them.  HepvO valves are used in many RV's in place of traps due to limited space under RV sinks/cabinets.  Here is a document explaining the differences between HepvO installations and typical trap installations in RV's.