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    • Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument has no electric hookups, so regular strings of lights are not practical, however, they do recommend you put your vehicle hood up.  Whole park was full of vehicles with hoods up 24 hours per day!  I suspect that the solar lights would have to be really bright ones to do much good.  I carry a full complement of critter traps and sprays for insects.  Had a mouse help himself to some cashews inside my grocery drawer once from a can that was not really metal--cardboard with a plastic top.  Little guy helped himself to quite a few.  I set several traps inside and in the outside storage area where I think he entered, but never caught him.  I drove south the next day, so figure he/she must have bailed out on the interstate.  I also had a chipmunk once store a bucket full of acorns in the engine compartment of my Saturn about 15 years ago, but he never chewed anything.  I had taken it in for an oil change and mechanics found acorns everywhere. I assume poor chipmunk was unhappy I drove away with his winter stash. 
    • Bullard's beach state park is at Bandon-on-the Sea, Or. and is a beautiful park.  It has a wonderful, unusual lighthouse just across the river from Bandon.   Also, DO NOT MISS Tillamuck where the cheese/icream factory is.  We Loved Oregon, of course we are from the dry part of Texas, so it was a great difference.   ENJOY!!
    • I was at a rural campground and had been up to the grocery store in a very small town that was nearby.  DW had gone into the store and I was a sittin' and a watchin'.  A lady came out and was putting her groceries in her car, when out came a mouse running out of her car, hit the ground running.  The owner of the store was over at the front door holding it open for another lady that was coming out,  so, as you would imagine the mouse ran lickety split out of the car and into the store;  the owner saw it and began running into the store yelling and screaming at the grocery boys to "Catch that MOUSE! , Catch that MOUSE!"  Of course they didn't so I am sure it wasn't safe in that store that night for all of the mouse traps. Happened just that way in Quitaque, Texas!! 
    • I'm in Alabama and have a 2011 Ford Ranger completely set up for sale.
    • Looking for some first-hand experience/technical advice on improving drivability on my new motor home.  We have a brand new, 2018 Thor Four Winds 24F, Class C motor home (25 foot length) on a 2017 Ford e350 chassis that still has paper tags!  (I just sold an older 38' diesel pusher and purchased this unit new within the past month.) The old DP had me spoiled on how it handled on the interstate - no 18 wheeler push-pull when they blow past and very little wind issues of any kind. Now I fully understand the e350 chassis will never match the DP with its air ride and massive weight differential and spartan chassis, but I would like to see what steps I can take to improve the ride stability, drivability and driver effort requirement on the e350 with a shorter rv. I've put about 1500 or so miles on the new unit and the 18 wheeler blow-by is rather intense! I have done some research (googling and in other groups) and here's what I've come up with: 1. Check 4-corner weight and rebalance after loading up 2. Get a "road loaded" front end alignment after rebalancing 3. Consider installing aftermarket front and rear sway bars. Anyone have any experience with any/some/all of the above or have other suggestions? I think the first two items - rebalancing and re-aligning make sense, but I'm not very familiar with sway bars. Any input/advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks! TJP