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Death Valley Re-opening


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NPS is now saying Death Valley will re-open on October 15, with Hwy 190 allowing access to Furnace Creek from both the east and west entrances.  Previously they said only the west entrance over Towne Pass would re-open then.  Most other roads in the park will remain closed.



@homelesshartshorns The Travel Logs section doesn't allow replies, so I'll answer the question you asked here.

Death Valley's west entrance over Towne Pass has a very steep grade (something like 27%).  Going eastbound it was the only time my Safari Trek was forced into first gear to climb it.  Then there's a continuous 20+ mile downgrade from the summit at 4970 ft. to below sea level at Stovepipe Wells.

Fortunately the east entrance at Death Valley Junction will also re-open on October 15 and it's much easier - mostly level as it follows a usually dry riverbed into the Valley.  Only the areas in and around Hwy 190 (Furnace Creek and Stovepipe Wells) will open in October, the rest of the roads and trails in the park will remain closed.

Unfortunately, the same floods washed out a lengthy section of CA 127 where it crosses the (also normally dry) Armagosa River between Baker and Shoshone.  I haven't heard of a re-opening date for this stretch, my guess is Caltrans prioritized re-opening Hwy 190 instead.  If you're approaching from the south you'll have to detour via Las Vegas "up and over the hump" to Pahrump, take NV 372/CA 178 to Shoshone and then go north to Death Valley Junction.  Or take Bell Vista Ave on the north side of Pahrump, a more direct route to Death Valley Junction..  The Beatty entrance from US 95 is closed but you can take NV 373 through the Amargosa Valley to DVJ.

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