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Texas Non-CDL Class A Question 081023


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Hello RV Network Members - I live in CO and looking to set Texas as my domicile.  For the last 3 days, I have been trying to reach TX DMV to ask the question below.  I finally got a reply and they told me that I would not need to do straight-line backing, offset backing, and parallel parking, but would be required to back up a few feet.  Anyone that tows knows that you can't do that because you'll cause significant damage.

My question is for anyone that has taken the Off-Street test in the last 2 years, what do they have you do?  Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks.



Message to TX DMV -

Hello: This question is related to a NON-CDL CLASS A off-street portion of the skills test. 

Based on the text from your material below, I have an RV plus toad, and it cannot be backed up since it will cause damage to the RV, toad, and towing bars.  Your material mentions three backing-up maneuvers that would be impossible due to the damage I mentioned above.  In lieu of those maneuvers, what will the tester have me do?


You should drive your own rig for the skills test. If you have a motorhome and you usually tow a vehicle (“toad” or “dinghy”) behind it, you are required to bring it for the test only in the unusual situation where the combination of vehicles bumps you into a higher licensing class. In this case, you would need to bring your toad connected for towing but be sure to tell the examiner if your combination can’t be safely backed up because of the risk of damaging the toad.

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A TX-NON-CDL-A is needed if your Gross Combined is over 26k# AND trailer/toad is over 10k#.

A TX-NON-CDL-B is needed if your MH is over 26k# --OR-- your Gross Combined weight is over 26k# AND trailer/toad is under 10k#.

If your gross combined is under 26k# then a standard Class C is all you need.

The test you will be given is based on the equipment you show up with for testing.  So if you want to test for an "A" license you will have to meet the equipment requirements of an "A" and test with that equipment.  Almost all MH/toad combos that require a upgraded license only require a "B".

For example: I do have a NON-CDL-A.  I was required to test in a truck/trailer combo with a Gross Combined over 26k# and a trailer over 10k#.  If I had showed up for my test with my current Class-A DP and toad, I would have only been allowed to test for a "B" even though my Gross Combined is over 40k#.  My toad, Chevy Silverado, has a Gross Weight rating under 10k# and that is the difference between a "A" or "B" license.

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