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New Renogy house batteries

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Friday I installed 3 new Renogy 12V, 100A solar deep-cycle batteries in our MH ($189.95 ea). They were built  07/22 in Vietnam. In a home solar installation Renogy says they can last up to 8 years. I got 3 years out of the Deka LA batteries from Sams Club.

I'm adjusting the charge settings now. Friday I set the charger to AGM/ 70A total for all 3 batteries, They went straight to Absorption phase @14.8V,  it took 24 hrs for them to reach float stage @ 13.2VDC. I forgot to check standing voltage on them prior to installation. Does that sound reasonable?

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On 3/11/2023 at 8:08 PM, Ray,IN said:

Does that sound reasonable?

   Hi Neighbor Ray, when it comes to very specific charge settings I advise people to consult with the battery manufacturer as different makers can have different preferences and after all its they who offer the warranty !!! Ive had some AGM that specified something like 14.4 BULK Charge then 13.6 for ABSORPTION then 13.2 for FLOAT I forget what brand that was ?? 

 What you say may well be REASONABLE  ??? The 14.8 sounds high (especially if Absorption) than some others Ive seen ..Do you have THREE Stage capability charge settings ??? Bulk, Absorption, Float or only two??

 John T   Best ask the battery maker nottttttttttttttttt me...  Maybe someone who has knowledge or experience with your same batteries can help ??? 


 John T

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John if you click the link underlined in my  first post, that is the spec-sheets. What you described sounds like the Renogy specs. Renogy stated 14.4V for bulk and equalization-mode. I have the Xantrex charger set for that, and 3-stage charging, but It also has the option for 2-stage charging.

Float is maintaining at 13.3V, however I had to unplug the batter temperature sensor because it was causing the float to be 13.8V due to temperature compensation. (I suspect the sensor is bad)

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