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Tesla Investor Day 2023 — Will This Change Everything?

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I expect the news tomorrow will impact all the competition. The yet to be announced Model 2 economy Tesla is directly as a result of major manufacturing changes. Check out the charts of manufacturing steps and times, and the comparison to other manufacturers in the link. I am putting in an order for a new Tesla Model Y as soon as I see they have them ramped up.

Shocker - we are waiting to see the economy Tesla and will buy it or a PHEV with the longest battery range before switching to gas. This will replace Lynda's 2019 Forester. I am open to hearing from folks who actually own a PHEV and whether it is peppy and fast and how it handles.

Tesla is increasing their lead in low cost yet stronger manufacturing and faster quality production.

That in addition to the new models and news on the Supercharger front.

This article is predicting but tomorrow we will find out for sure. Remember, he may be late, people may hate him for regaining his title of richest man in the world, you may love or hate his twitter drama, but regardless, Musk has always executed and delivered what he says he will, on time or late.  The folks complaining the loudest do not own an EV, have never even taken a free test drive of a Tesla!  Whether they build gas or electric they will have to compete or die.

Nothing Koch or the rest of the industry invents can change the fact that they are going out of the consumer gas and diesel biz in just a few years.


"Tesla Investor Day is this Wednesday. Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas thinks we will hear about a lower priced car from Tesla.

Cost Of Goods Sold

In the run-up to Investor Day 2023, Adam Jonas points out that Tesla’s current cost of goods sold using the second-generation platform that forms the basis of the Model 3 and Model Y is $39,000 per vehicle. He says the Tesla factory in Germany is producing 90 cars an hour and needs only 10 hours to manufacture each one. By comparison, each ID. vehicle Volkswagen produces in Zwickau requires 30 hours to manufacture. He expects that Tesla on Wednesday will unveil its third-generation platform, which he believes will lower the cost of goods sold to around $25,000. (Related story: Sandy Munro: How Tesla Gets To The $25,000 Car)

How is that possible? By a concept Musk calls “the best part is no part.” It’s an idea common in the computer industry but largely unknown in the auto industry. Using high-pressure injection molding machines is part of it. So is offering just a limited range of models. Building the same cars over and over again is simply less expensive than building a blizzard of models with an almost infinite number of options. All that complexity interferes with production efficiency, which raises costs. Eliminating redundancy and complexity is the driver of the manufacturing breakthroughs we expect to be announced on Investor Day."

Much more in the article and tomorrow's announcements:



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