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Dometic Refrigerator DMR702 - not working

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I opened up my 2018 Lance Travel Trailer after the winter to find our Dometic DMR702 is not working. There are no lights on inside, both refrigerator and freezer are not cooling down. The panel lights are on, no errors when in AUTO, but when switched to LP, the third light on temp blinks, indicating a power issue. I havent been able to test any connections, and wasnt able to find the fuse. Can anyone help? 

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Welcome to the Escapee forums. We will do our best to help. I am assuming that you have a copy of the operating manual, but list this link anyway to be sure. There are two fuses on the power circuit board, one for 120V-ac and the other for 12V-dc and both should be rated at 5a. The board is on the lower left as you look into the back of the refrigerator.


The panel lights would not be on if the 12V fuse were bad, so it is reasonable to assume that fuse is good. Have you checked to be sure that your battery is supplying more than 11V as anything less could cause the error that you get. Are you connected to shore power? When in Auto, does it switch to propane if no 120V power is available and when it does, do you get an error? 

This link leads to a downloadable copy of the Dometic Service Manual which covers this refrigerator. 

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