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Could Starlink be worth $1 Trillion? Warren Redlich breaks it down


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Among the RV crowd this Musk enterprise is much anticipated. I believe I'll make more from investing with them than I did with my investment in Tesla on their IPO. And I will invest in them, just like I said about Tesla. I found the video below surprised even me! WooHoo!


"Starlink fans! Let's talk numbers! I wanted to know how much Starlink could be worth, and I reached out to Warren Redlich to find out. If you don't follow him already, find his channel @Warren Redlich . In this video, he explains why he believes Starlink's market cap could reach $1 trillion dollars. We talk about why he thinks Starlink could generate $100 Billion a year in revenue and $50 Billion in profits, and also why there are no current plans for tiered pricing."

Safe investing!

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You're welcome Len. It sure will be. I am buying a lot when it IPOs. I bought a lot of shares of Tesla again on the big one day dip after the 2010 split for $350.00 a share.it's been the usual volatility for Tesla stock. I bought in June I think and hate paying the extra 10% tax on shirt term capital gains. It is back at $700.00 so I could double my money any time. I'll wait until I've owned it more than a year and a day, and take the gains paying ~10% tax on long term gains to do Starlink. I'm investing in six figures now so the gains are substantial. But still playing with house money. I expect Tesla to split again this year based on comments from Musk and analysts.

I'm having a blast bud! Why didn't I learn this when I was twenty? In the last ten almost 11 years I've pocketed more money than some folks make in their lives. Amazing!

Len, don't forget Tesla. They are so far ahead of the pack now that the pack is worried. No one made them drag their heels. This year I expect the Austin Texas Gigafactory and the Berlin Gigafactory, both to be in production. The Cybertruck will be sold this year and the Model 2 may be out in China for testing then available here.  Now they are saying ~$20k instead of $25k. I'm fine with $25k.

But what's really going to crush the competition are the lifetime batteries under development, with more energy density and faster possibly ten minute Supercharging. And the Shanghai factory is now going to turn out 10,000 Superchargers a year!

I love how the navigation routes me so charging isn't a concern on long trips.

Thanks Elon for the fastest production or custom passenger cars in the world. And the fastest Satellite  Investing in Musk and his toys is a blast! I love everything about my Model Y, including the stiffer suspension. Man does he corner. Because of the look from the front and the white with black a cents I named him "Storm Trooper" for the App and initial setup.



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