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Rockwood Roo 23RS Slide Issue


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I bought a used 2013 Rockwood RS23.   That is a hard side RV with a Rear Slide for the bed.  I inspe3cted the RV and it seemed fine and I used it several times this summer and had no problems.  However, a few weeks ago I had to move the camper as i was making the pad I stored it on larger so i could avoid driving on the grass.   So i hitched it to my truck and pulled it around the block so i could put it on a section of my street which it could fit.   When i parked it, I noticed a crack in the upper right corner of the rear panel by the slide.  I am pretty sure the problem was there when i bought it and the owner had patched over the cracked area.  The reason is he had expanding poles which he supported it when towing it and when he had it extended out for use.   So I now a damaged unit I need to repair.  I will most likely have the dealer near me fix it at $150/hr.  (ouch)


Has anybody come across this failure?  Is this common?   I would this this would be engineered properly to handle the  weight but earlier hybrids were subject to leaking until the solved the issue.  I would appreciate any information on this whether it is cost to repair, anybody who has done this repair, or what would be the root cause for this.  I have to believe this has some steel in the trailer at the critical points as I expect this bed to be able to support 5-600 pounds and would be engineered as such and it not just fiberglass supporting it.   I have include a stock photo of a 23 RS and circled the failure point.  I also have a close up of the damage.  Please note that the fiberglass has flexed in all along the top. 






Scott V

Milwaukee, Wi

2013 Rockwood Roo RS23 pulled by 2006 Ford V8 Explorer






Roo 2.JPG

Roo 3.JPG

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