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Class A Knoebels PA to Big Meadow VA


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We have a class A with tow and we are heading from Knoebels PA to Big Meadow VA. I'm looking at the map and trying to figure out would it be better to go i81-522-skyline or would it be better going i81-211-skyline drive? 

Also any advice for going up on Skyline would be appreciated, our camper is 13' tall, and I'm concerned about the switch backs and tunnels. Is there any other campgrounds around there that are easier to get to and worth staying at?

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Hi!  We have traveled from PA to Big Meadows many times.  Our route was I-81 and pick up Route 33 east at Harrisonburg.  You will enter the park at the Swift Run entrance.  Then go north on Skyline Drive to Big Meadows.

The switchbacks going from Elkton to SNP entrance is not bad.  Once you are at the park, you are at the top of the mountain.

We have a 36' class A - 12' high.  The tunnels on Skyline Drive would be doable (maybe), if you could travel down the middle of them.  We figured we would not make it so did this route instead.

Good luck.  Big Meadows is one of my favorite places and hope to get there again in the late summer.




Diane (and Andy, too)

Our blog:

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