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Tach for an Isuzu NPR


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I'm finally towing short hops with my custom Isuzu, NPR, short wheelbase tow rig. (4 cyl. turbo diesel, 4 speed AOD tranny) One of the big things I miss is having a tach to monitor RPM's.

The Isuzu dealers in my area do not seem to want to be very helpful. I looked up some parts on my own, but factory OEM stuff is scarce and expensive. One dealer told me I would have to change the gage cluster, cab wiring harness and several sensors and the ECM  (had to throw the BS flag on that one).


Net crawling has taught me that after market tach's are reasonably inexpensive, say well under $100.00, and easy to install, using the alternator and a magnetic pick up. What I need is someone that has done this to point out the hard/confusing parts and , perhaps a brand or model recommendation.

All righty then, let the games begin... This is the "before" pic, she's got a flat bed, a slider, a gen set, a tool box and lots of other junk attached now, more on the way.



If it turns $$$$$$$ dollars into smoke and noise, I'm there.

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I have a medium duty Volvo FE6 with an alternator driven tach. Aftermarket options are using a crank pick-up kit which is dead accurate or an alt driven tack. I am a little vague on details but one of the wires on my alt is the trigger wire. I am told it's marked "N". Ill check that tomorrow

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Just wanted to bump this thread, has anybody learned anything to share since we were here last?


BTW, got the flat  bed, bed cover, 30 gallon LP tank installed, 80 gallon aux diesel tank is in line at the fabricators, gen set is converted to dual fuel, ready to mount on the bed. Air compressor mount is fabricobbled and ready to mount.  Procured 2 pelican style, 2 1/2 cubic foot storage cases, ready to bolt down. Working on battery, aux battery and isolator wiring as well as dual voltage, in cab, power plugins.


Now if I only had a tach... 

If it turns $$$$$$$ dollars into smoke and noise, I'm there.

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