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Using home DIrecTV receiver on the road.

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I want to use our home DirecTV receiver on the road and need to order a dish that I can mount on a tripod.  I have a DirecTV model HR44-700 receiver.  What is the best standard dish that is compatible with my receiver?  I want to avoid climbing up on my roof and check the dish nameplate; especially when it's covered with ice and snow.


Tom J.

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7 hours ago, TomJ55 said:

Thanks, Chad. I just sent them a message.

Good luck getting what you need/want.  I use a Winegard Trav'ler automatic dish on the roof of my RV.  I wouldn't be without it.  Once I retire and we start traveling more extensively, I plan to add a ground mount dish and surveyors type tripod like what TV4RV sells for those times we are in among the trees and may need a little distance to get a good view of the southern sky.  My 5er is all set up with connections (Coax and A/B Switches) to allow me to use either dish (roof or ground), I just haven't bought a ground one yet.

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