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We have a 2004 Monaco Diplomat. For the past year we seem to have had a problem with our Zantrex Freedom 458 MSW 2000W inverter charger. The builtin breakers would cut off at odd times. A few clicks and we could get them to come back on, so we knew they were failing. Today they went off and won't come back on.  In the mean time our Norcold fridge bit the dust and we replaced it with a domestic Samsung, which I really love. We also have 4-100W solar panels on our roof which came with a 2000W PSW inverter which we were planning on using for the new fridge to protect the electronics in the new fridg, and 4 more 100W panels we recieved yesterday and plan on installing soon.  Now with the Xantrex Frreedon 458 MSW 2000W biting the dust we are looking for a new inverter/converter/charger with PSW.  We are looking at two different ones, the 815-2012 Xantrex Freedon SW 2012-12V, 2000W inverter-charger for around $1600 and the Aimes Power PSW 2000W 12V inverter-converter/charger for $600.  We have never heard of Aimes but the reviews are generally good.  The PSW inverter-converter/chargers do not have breakers built in so we will have to install seperate breakers and when we install the new panels we will need a bigger controler.  Do any of you electonic experts have any experience with the Aimes inverter-converter/charger or any advice about installing?

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