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Hi all! 

I am new to this forum and to the RV world. My father in law recently gave my wife and I a 04 25' fleetwood fifth wheel. We are grateful to have it but its defiantly a fix er upper. 

The rubber roof appears to be pretty worn, weathered and lifting around some of the edges. I haven't seen any signs of water damage on the inside of the trailer but can't be sure how things look under the rubber roof. I would like to repair / replace the rubber roof myself but am not sure what products / roofing kits to buy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!

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I recently did a new roof layer (June this year) on my 25' Forest River TT. I used Liquid Roof EPDM. Since I just did this work this year, I cannot give you much information for how it holds up long term but I did a fair amount of research first including reviews of others that have followed this process. If your current roof is EPDM, then the new coating will be straight forward. If its an ALPHA rubber roof, you will have to research primer needs.

On the whole, the information I found was quite helpful in understanding what I would need and how to get the job done. Timing is everything based on location when doing the job. In early June in Northern Colorado, the nights dropped below cure temps and it took a week for the rubber to completely cure. Winds also came up in the morning I started the work so there was a little bit of a mess when lifting the squeegee or roller.

I did burn out a lower end drill trying to do the initial mix for consistency (before adding the catalyst) be sure you have a sturdy, corded drill for mixing. I wound up buying a 10amp that worked well.

I would suggest you do some independent research to see if this is right for you. There is plenty of information on the product and process on the web. The seller's web site has several videos and I thin there are more on YouTube to see what you would be getting yourself into.

In the end, assuming I see decent life out of this roof, I would do it again.


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On 9/8/2017 at 6:32 PM, medic1724 said:

I haven't seen any signs of water damage on the inside of the trailer but can't be sure how things look under the rubber roof.

If all that you are seeing is some small bubbles around the edges and no leaks that is probably normal. It should be caulked around all of the edges and that does need to be done fairly frequently. At 13 years old the roof could be in poor condition, but it may also have quite a few years of useful life left and many of them came with a 14-year warranty on the membrane. It is very difficult to give an accurate appraisal of your roof's condition without seeing it. If it were mine, I would have a trusted RV tech look it over and offer an opinion on the condition. 

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