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Mor-Ryde w/ disc brakes


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Hi Everyone,

I have some info for you guys. If you do your own maintenance I think these part numbers can help. Mor-Ryde suspension with disc brakes Kodiak 250 and 7,000 / 8,000 lb. Dexter axles.

                           Old Part Numbers                                                         New Part Numbers

1)     seal 10-36 Dexter                                                               seal 22532 SKF
2)     small cone assembly LYC 02475                                       small cone assembly Timken 02475
3)     small cup LYC 02420                                                         small cup Timken 02420
4)     large cone assembly JMG 25580                                       large cone assembly Timken 25580
5)     large cup ZGZ 25520                                                          large cup Timken 25520
6)     shocks Monroe UO 109-4                                                   shocks Monroe 34792
7)     brake pads MKD 215                                                          brake pads O'riley's Brake Best Select   C 215

I hope this can help. If I have anything wrong please call me out and I will make a correction.


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