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Dometic refer drain water hose

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Has anyone replaced the flex plastic water drain on the back, outside, of their refrigerator?

Mine has broken off near the top and no way I have arms long enough nor skinny enough

to reach in there to replace it . Bought the replacement hose from one of the RV salvage

shops in Elkhart. Right now I have rigged up a funnel and drain hose but water sometimes gets by my rig.

Any help greatly appreciated!  (two door side by side refer with top and bottom vents outside)



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You will need to disconnect the electric and gas connections and then slide it forward into the RV to get room to reach up there. If it is a large refrigerator you may need to pull it completely out of its cabinet. It isn't difficult but could be heavy.

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On our Norcold, the hose is threaded through a hole on the fridge, but is attached to the drip tray inside the fridge, not a fitting on the outside.  Maybe, if yours is the same, you could thread a wire or string through the hole in the fridge down to where you can reach, and connect the new hose and pull it through.

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What Kirk said! If the replacement house is white chuck it in the trash bin. Either use black (UV & heat resistant) or tygon. I used Tyson & formed a dip trap to prevent warm air infiltration. I also slipped a spring over it to prevent kinking where it bends to exit though the lower cover.




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