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771 error and nothing left to troubleshoot

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I am using the SWiM3 portable antenna with the provided power injector and the HR24 IRD in the RV. I have used this exact setup on the road while we had a few IRDs left behind at the house. We just transitioned to full time and established a new physical address with DirecTV and they confirm all IRDs are still authorized. This is also the first time I had to re-aim the dish to new parameters. But I am certain that it is aimed correctly.


I continue to get the 771 Signal Loss error despite all my troubleshooting. I confirmed voltage out of the power injector all the way to the end of the 50' coax at the LNB. I've reset the receiver twice. Unplugged and repowered it 3 times. Did the Satellite Dish Setup multiple times still no luck.


What's interesting is the menu for Sat a Dish Setup limits the Setup selections when the SWM is connected. But when it is disconnected, I can adjust everything entry on the page. With the SWM connected, it automatically selects SWM LNB8 CH as the switch type. Is that correct? Without the coax connected I can find LNB and SWM only.


So my last question is....can the LNB itself have gone bad? The dish took a tumble in the wind once but it wasn't a hard drop. Just sort fo fell over. It's the only thing left in the troubleshooting I can't confirm without ordering a replacement.

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