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  1. There's a guy in the site next to us today with a 33-35' Grand Design Reflection 5th Wheel. I know that's not the heaviest 5er out there, but he's got it hitched to a factory F150 Lariat! Yikes! That trailer has got to be at least 10k lbs empty and the F150 would be lucky to have a towing capacity higher than 8k lbs. I have to imagine his dealer was like "oh, sure. That truck will tow this no problem!"
  2. I am using the SWiM3 portable antenna with the provided power injector and the HR24 IRD in the RV. I have used this exact setup on the road while we had a few IRDs left behind at the house. We just transitioned to full time and established a new physical address with DirecTV and they confirm all IRDs are still authorized. This is also the first time I had to re-aim the dish to new parameters. But I am certain that it is aimed correctly. I continue to get the 771 Signal Loss error despite all my troubleshooting. I confirmed voltage out of the power injector all the way to the end of the 50'
  3. Howdy folks! Seeking wisdom from those who've gone before us.... My wife and I (and our two furry dependents) live outside Denver, CO and we just went under contract on the sale of our home. We own a vacant building lot in another town in the same county here in Colorado but we do not intend to build on that for a year or more. Our goal after we close on the sale of our home in January is to be nomads in our 5th wheel for at least 4-6 months. We both work from home or "virtually", so as long as we have Internet access, we're OK (we've got a bundle of doo-dads to help with that!) So my
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